The Santa Claus rally has come for bitcoin, here’s what Coinbase’s president sees for crypto in 2019

Coinbase President Asiff Hirji joins the ‘Fast Money’ team to discuss why he thinks crypto’s going to make a comeback in 2019.

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  1. Coinbase worest exchange Binnace is doing so much better for traders. The only exchange in the USA not to have XRP the number 1alt coin.

  2. Coinbase is just a part of a big crypto mafia band. What else can its "president" see if not luring more customers and therefore getting more profit. The platform has been is a crisis lately, maybe planning a new scheme of fooling people. CB users should be on the alert. Or run away. Yeah, you`d better run.

  3. I would like to listen to any kind of official statement from Coinbase about their constant delays with withdrawals… this is just impossible to trade at that exchnage

  4. BUY BITCOIN, NYSE (BAKKT) Nasdaq & Fidelity are entering the cryptocurrency market in Q1 2019! Buy the crypto bottom, Stock market is JUST entering a very BAD BEAR MARKET

  5. All crypto investors can be congratulated on the new year! Will the market recover? Now it is possible to invest again in this market? Maybe there is some other option to make quick money?

  6. This guy is a clown. And Bitmain just laid off half its staff according to Chinese media, so big trouble for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as it is monopoly in the space. In other words, the run is canceled before it started.

  7. evrytime cnbc is saying bitcoins go on bullrun I am selling and evrytime cnbc says bitcoins is a bubble i am buying..made 20k out of 1.5k in just 10 months

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