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  1. The best game experience i had in coop and combat, not repetitive at all you level up and unlock new skills and you wont even check out different skills cuz there is so many! enemy's not repetitive orcs, spiders, gosts, trolls, all different encounters plus my favorite part you got finishing moves and it's one of not many great games you can play split screen! My complaint was that it was damn too short for something amazing like that!

  2. Guys can anyone tell me how to turn off yhe vibration in the game i literally cant find it and its very very annoying

    Update: its freakin impossible… im done with tbis game im not gonna play it anymore.

  3. Did not mind this game at all tbh. Played this significantly more than Shadow of Mordor which I personally despised. The co-op was awesome too, had a lot of fun just filling with randoms.

  4. Idk why people hate this game too much,it wasnt special,but i have lot of fun while playing this. For me this is a good game,lotr story,characters,graphic,conversations,rpg elements,battles. 7.5/10

  5. this game had a problem that many games have to little screentimes for the important villans. but what i would credit it for is the interresting different bossfights which aquire you to take another tactic evry time and yeah its true there arent that many varietys of enemys you encounter it is still quite a lot of them i mean you got quite some types of orcs uruks and the 3 types of humans + trolls makes it a fun game to learn. only thing i hated was that the map was extemely missionbound meaning you can just go to the location where the next mission will be set

  6. What's great with all these videos is that I can go to Youtube, check out a trailer and / or review, and then swing on over to Amazon and / or Ebay for price comparison and then make the kill … I mean, purchase, 🙂 But yeah, just started playing Shadow of Mordor and now considering War in the North as well…

  7. Just got this game on sale for 4.99 and got my buddy a copy so we can play together. Was it worth it? I played back on 360 and I got into it.

  8. I played this game only because its one of the few where you can play split screen and both customize your characters (not just player 1). I actually really enjoyed it, but that's because of co-op. Playing alone, I admit this game is f*cking lame.

  9. After Dark Souls, I just can't take this game seriously. Everyone below seems to hate this review but it pretty much matches my impression. Too much button mashing. Very little personality in the characters.

  10. the best lotr game isnt even a game in itself, its the third age total war mod for medieval ll total war. At least if you like strategy :p otherwise I enjoyed the return of the king game a lot, but havent played all lotr games out there. also an official lotr strategy game that I enjoyed was lotr battle for middle earth ll, it looks and plays a lot like age of empires ^^

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