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  1. Real me is a very good device.. they provide phones at aggressive price range but there are some drawbacks with this devices like
    Colour OS
    Lag of updates ( not the security patch )
    Short duration releases of smart phone
    Lack of fast charging support which is the biggest drawback..
    If this continues then it's difficult for real me to continue till 2020…

  2. I think why they sell product without eis/ Eos when they are selling camera centric phones and also they have good features but they always reduced the some features as they had earlier in there phones. They should focus on giving more good battery like 4000 mah with fast charging or type c port , mean thing they should do improve there cameras everyone has problems with there cameras , also they should launch with starting the 4 +64 variant not 3+32 GB because now a days it's not enough 3+32 GB in day to day life and as you mentioned there os color os they should do something with that!!..

  3. Im a rm 2 pro user. And i too feel the same. They are launching too many products. Without actually focussing on their software or devices

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