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  1. Why is it so hard for game engineers to utilize the buttons on the MoCap controllers? Quick tip; 'RO'= look right, 'RX= Look left, 'Lcenter''= move forward, ''Rcenter=move backward, 'LX'=strafe left and 'LO'=strafe right… For real, stop being afraid to force gamers to press more than one button with their thumb! We've been doing it since 'SUPER Marios Bros.' This 'point and appear' movement makes me fucking nauseous.

  2. Top 5 PS VR games from ones I have played (in order)

    1) ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission
    2) Beat Saber
    3) Superhot VR
    4) Moss
    5) Until Dawn Rush of Blood

    There are many more, but the above 5 should be considered by anybody looking for additional PS VR games to get

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