Wrecking Sword Posers in a Realistic Fantasy VR Game

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This is Blade and Sorcery, the sword fighting game with the most lifelike weapon physics that I’ve seen so far. Due to the nature of virtual reality (at least in its …


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  1. Well, that was certainly amusing. I love how the bad guys would suddenly turn on each other. Kidney shot! Why is buckler thrusting not allowed? Silly game. Very nice of you to clean up after yourself, Skall. Although sticking the ax in her butt was a bit…rude. When you were trying to grab your spear, it almost looked like you could grab a dead opponent by the leg and throw them instead. Whole new level of difficulty!

  2. I was waiting for you, Shad, or the metatron to make a video on this. I’m so happy to see someone with experience and knowledge play it! Please do more of this in the future! Awesome video! 😄

  3. MerpTV is still the best at the game for pure spectacle but I can't wait for PvP. That's when showy techniques will become a serious health risk then I'd like to see how it'll go.

  4. Daaaamn, that last throw right in the face. That was brutal.
    But as realistic as this game seems, still no possibility to end someone rightly.

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