The Best Smartphones of 2018 | Painfully Honest Tech

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2018 was either a really eventful year for smartphones or a really dull one depending on who you ask. Between the iPhones, the Galaxy phones, offers from …


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  1. I’ve used 2 of the 3 devices as daily drivers, the Note9 and the Xr, and enjoyed both of them for different reasons. I do tend to lean towards Apple products but I do agree, the Note9 is the POTY. It’s amazing what Samsung has packed into that device.

  2. 100K sub adds in 2018?!!! 👏🏽There are lots of 1m+ tech TYers I don't sub to, but I had to in this case, because there's nothing else like PHT. Keep growing in 2019, Jason.

  3. I just can't get past its screen on the X r. Spec sheet aside, the difference is immediately noticeable. Apple compromised on the wrong things and the price is too high for what you're getting. For similar money the 8 Plus us an overall better device. I agree that the Note 9 is the best overall phone ov the year for the same reasons listed.

  4. Great video Jason, I have to agree with all your choices all though I don't have note9 experience from what you have been saying it's a power house …
    I bought the OnePlus 6 T it's an amazing phone at a really sensible price, great value! I love it ….

  5. I watch all your your take on tech!! Still rocking my Pixel 2…My iPhone X is in my drawer and like you I bought and sold a note 9..I'm thinking about trying the Xiaomi mi mix 3..thoughts anyone??

  6. I think your content and information are lacking and your opinions change a lot. You seem to clickbait more than focus your so called painfully honest tech views. This is not a message for this particular video but in regards your previous videos. I think you need to focus on being painfully honest not what they said etc. When you praised the iPhone XR which is absolute rubbish for its price I lost respect in your opinions because you hated apples prices/ iPhones new phones but yet you supported a device that clearly rips off the public’s cash. I will never support a iPhone XR until it’s at actual budget PRICE with 1080p. Good luck for 2019. No hate just a point of view.

  7. Steve Jobs is turning in his grave because of the direct Apple is taking. Zero innovation at this point. Losing market share like crazy. Apple will be pushed out of the market eventually. Can't survive Capitalism if you don't innovate and compete with everyone else.

  8. My list but there are so many I'm forgetting many but these are the guys I had to get to try this year that I liked: Asus ROG Phone, iPhone XS Max, S9+, Note 9, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Asus Zenfone 5z, One Plus 6t, Poco F1.

  9. Watching this on my OnePlus 6T! For the Win! Best phone I've touched. Nice and smooth with great battery life! Don't need wireless charging when you have 22.5 watt charger.

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