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  1. Imagine combining katvr's kat walk cotraption, the first gadget on this video, the htc vive, and the best vr developer makes an fps shooter or an mmo specificly made to be compatible with all of those vr gadgets. It will literaly be like in real life.

  2. Guys! I'll give you an idea how to track body motions without big stupid plastic constructions… You don't need to engeneer a things what tracks movements, you need to track force of potentional movement: A hard frame a player attached his legs to, he force his leg muscle to make a move, stay static in that frame but device reads the force of his potential motion so it moves the avatar leg in the game. I've had an idea for all body static frame, but the sittuation then you forget something in the electric stove and decide to play a little vr and suddenly find yourself in a conflagration game over is too reall if you ask me. So in that case you may need some kind of emergancy unlocker to save our pointless gamer lives.

  3. i think the omni treadmills that you can wear shoes in are better then this. this will only feel like you are slippering and not the same sensation as walking with shoes.

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