Bitcoin-Fund-Manager Legit?

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  1. As long as his call make $… everyone happy… if lose $ then scam… well judge by yrself …. ownself take care ownself … crypro is a space not like traditional market

  2. For any retards who are his current and future clients saying "he can't steal your bitcoin if he's using API".
    He cannot make a transfer (unless you allow it) but what he's able to do is trade on your behalf, which is the service he's trying to sell you, on the exchange.
    Problem is, that means that he can buy cheap coins for himself, then log in to your account via API and then force your account to buy the shit coin and then he'll sell the shit coins right back at you.
    This isn't anything new. Right now he's just accumulating as much accounts via API and then he's ganna do a massive pump and dump.
    Why do you think he's posting every day, trying to recruits retards that will actually give him their account?
    Anyone this stupid AND KNOWING what he has done in the past but wants to "forgive" him or say something dumb like "how is he a scammer? He has good calls" deserve to be 100% SCAMMED by him.
    He also uses fake accounts to post comments to make the sentiment feel legit.
    Look at the comments here, you got 15% of fake comments that are saying something similar like "he has good calls" or "im a client of his and he's legit, he can't steal your btc if u use API, do you research".
    There is not ONE person coming out ON VIDEO, saying they had a great experience with Bitcoin-Fund-Manger. You only got accounts that are barely a week old commenting positive experience.

  3. I don't think he is a scammer just like any human we can all make mistakes plus this market is very high risk so by entering you should put the blame on yourself if things go wrong, people need to stop putting the blame on others for everything that goes wrong, the mentality of the poor=putting blame on the government and other people, the mentality of the rich=failing is part of knowledge I made a mistake and next time I will improve things wealth depends on me, that's why the poor become poor and rich more rich because the poor rely too heavily on others.

  4. To everyone who think their Bitcoin is safe by only allowing API access. You do realize that he can simply trade your Bitcoin away using other accounts?

  5. Bitcoin fund manager. I was wondering why there hasn't been any blogs or articles on this guy in about a year now. And, including this video, still no reviews or testimonials. Strange. I decided to pay for his signals service which actually turns out to be something I recommend. He's constantly sending out signals and on top of things. He may not always be right and sometimes loses yet he admits that in his YouTube videos and in his signal service. Though he and his website may be a bit cheesy his predictions and technical analysis are accurate and thorough far more often then not. I find him to be genuine, hard-working, constantly on top of things, sincere, honest and consistently driven with great effort. Perhaps he's redeemed himself.

  6. I’ve had nothing but positive things to say about this guy. Made to a of money off of him and learned a lot about trading. His TA is incredible and on the spot.

  7. We know this guy is a scammer. He copies his TA mostly from other channels but the guy has the gift of gab. He basically repeats the same information in a more interesting way. He is a nice speaker 🙂 Crypto Batman is not a scammer but a boring talker.

  8. He is a scammer. I also see him make bad calls and his naive fans say he has awesome TA Haha. He’s trying to create an illusion to get your BTC, it’s so obvious. He has many aliases, Robert Kim is one of them.

  9. Man… Stop the Fud. I've been watching his videos for a very good while and hes good at his calls, charts and etc. He's also a good hustler. I mean seriously, how do u know if that website that they made about him is true. Its huge posibility thats its a big Fud to lure people away from him. You can simply tell hes very knowlegible on cryptos. Everytime when Fud like this happens, the big opportunites happens and all thosw people that stopped following him ended up being stupid. So stop the Fud.

  10. He is a hero! I don’t think he is a scammer! Do you have a proof he is one? Why you do this video? Yes he give us so much information for free.

  11. He also have many users and posting comments on his videos, also many comments here are posted by the korean fake users! He also blocks all users with negative comments

  12. But you youtubers are doing the same thing, why pick on him? All you altcoin youtubers are only calling hot water trends on bitcoin since the peak of bitcoin.

  13. Holy shit! Look up the article and read it yourself before you say anything! This dude is a legendary con man! He has tried hundreds of different businesses and ways to separate you from your dough, lol….. As a scammer with creativity goes, this guy is hardcore!!!!!!!!!! Im still very entertained by his bitcoin videos though, now I know wassup! And I am still going to watch, because his TA actually isn't half bad.. He has been right more than Tone Vays in the last couple of weeks!

  14. 1. So a “regular person” can only be talented at one thing in a lifetime? Those who work all the time doing one thing rarely have time to learn new things, and don’t really try to improve the one thing they do for a living. Just a check.
    2. If you think it’s lame to work hard for your money – only to give half away in taxes, you must be a scammer.
    Well I’m sad to say, I think I’ve found where the true idiots are.
    I have found nothing wrong based on your evidence, this guy walks. Only thing it proves is he is a survivor, and you will most certainly suffer, should tough times come. And he really is good at TA. Makes me wonder what else is he good at?

  15. Where is scam.? I follow him 1.5 year ive made $$$ with his youtube channel …calling him a scammer i would believe that this call is scam !

  16. I don't have 10 bitcoins so i couldn't use his service but i always watch his videos but it's ok he has talent for talking and explaining things.

  17. This vid is just a remake of one bitcoin Ben did.
    If he’s a good scammer he’ll naturally be wicked at charting!!
    And he is – he makes some amazing vids – he has very useful information re charting and is not scared to prove it in real time (NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS) He has more overall mindset and vision then the majority.
    And if he is s scammer – boy did he learn quick! what a talent.

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