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  1. Totally unrelated to the video but how old are you now? I remember I subbed to you way way way back in the day and just now at 4am I was thinking about all the people who I watched on YouTube before google bought it and I was 18 or 19 when I subbed. I’m 30 now lol happy new year man good to see you still doing your thing

  2. Soldier, with all these phones you have, I wonder how many phone accounts you have for them? You must pay more in a month for connections than I pay in a year! 😉 (I'm a poor guy so I only have ONE cellphone!)

  3. dont see how the iPhone has the best overall camera when it doesn't take great pictures in the dark that's the note 9 , pixel 3 , mate 20 pro those are the best all around cameras on a smartphone

  4. My guess before the vid starts :
    1st – note 9
    2nd – iphone xs/xs max
    3rd – pixel 3/3xl
    4th – oneplus 6t
    5th – s9/s9+

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