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  1. My thing is, why the molded seats? If you have any hips, butt or thighs, or good forbid all three, then you won't be able to get on. Not everyone is a size 0 people

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  3. What about the fact that everyone is wearing the same goggles. I am cleaning them every time would take like 5 minutes. (Alot of time when you think of how many times rollar coasters are run)

  4. In Australia Movie World on the Gold Coast Arkham Asylum ride has virtual reality and it's way more better than that

  5. this is great but what do you do when get the headset from that really sweat guy do you replace the face pads whip them down or do you just deal with it

  6. stfu when I was in six flags in southern California in Santa Clarita I went on this roller coaster with virtual reality and I was the first row by myself and that shot got me so dizzy and nauseas I had to take them off but once they actual virtual tv or whatever u want to call it we were in space turned on it was cool

  7. Why not just make it a 4D VR ride instead of making it an actual full scale rollercoaster?Seems like a waste of materials, space, and money.

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