Bitcoin took a dive in 2018, but where is cryptocurrency headed in 2019?

BlaKFX COO Kara Coppa on the future of cryptocurrency.


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  2. I think they're forgetting about the heist taking place right now with the traditional market losing more valuation in the first 6 months of 2018 than the entire market cap of ALL crypto currencies combined at their all time highs because of corporations running out of the money they were given in tax cuts meant to trickle down to the consumers but instead used to buy back their own stock to keep their valuations bloated. Same thieves who stole our 401ks in 2008 are doing it again.

  3. Almost 2019 and the media is still touting anonymity as the pull for crypto. IT'S NOT ANONYMOUS! Even the IRS has pointed out the fact it's much easier for them to trace than fiat currency. IT'S AN OPEN SOURCE DISTRIBUTED LEDGER. One of its best attributes is it allows transparency of every single use from the very first transaction to the very last one. Typical mainstream media regurgitation of whatever sounds buzzy. And another blaring example of how the media is less informed about a topic than their viewers.

  4. Wth are these idiots even talking about, these people have no clue what they are talking about. Anonymous!?! this shit is a permit open distributed ledger that anyone can look at, trace and analyze. Bitcoin is just the start but don't fool yourselves, the only app for this is money! Hard money, smart money, liquid money, ownership money, networked money. It's all about money, nothing else. Programmable money, you can write a smart contract that works with an app, say you create a new social media platform where you have to put money into the contract to gain access, then when you upvote someones post the smart contract executes and automatically takes some of your money and sends it to the poster. Then when you post and get upvotes you will get money from others, this changes the way people engage with others.

    The entire point is for the average person to take control away from governments and to enjoy freedom with or without permission.

  5. Do news networks research anything anymore? So many talking points have been debunked long ago. Fox gave a good promotion for whatever company that woman works for though.

  6. Haha the biggest heist in human history, Na that would be the inflation scam stealth taxing the middle class. Crypto is still a tiny market compared to most other markets. Love how people make an elephant out of a mouse. Just fact check this comment if you don't believe me 😉

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