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  1. @ 21:00 is EXACTLY what the internet was MADE FOR and we really think were so far into the future? We're neanderthals with the equivalent of fire with the kinds of social technologies we have right now, were living through a social slavery.

  2. american cry over russian hackers and meddling .. yet seldom shed a tear or genuine thought over the Atom Bomb, Drone attacks on Hospitals and Children nor about how viciously violent their own state and police is … Lanier is getting boring … All cloud !

  3. Wow…I just discovered Mr. Lanier recently. In my view he is amazingly intelligent and he seems to be an awesome human being! He is now one of my role models…huge compliment! Thank you sir for your sharing!

  4. Fascinating guy. His politics is a bit hysterical, and maybe that is because he is becoming a victim of the behavior modification he warns about.

  5. Jaron's work online needs way more views than this. I think he's one of the most important people around for these types of serious debates

  6. They can already put img in the minds eye, & a/v, awake or asleep.They've been doing this to me via the EEG clone/cortical modem effect,since early-mid 2011, so wtf with vr bollocks.
    *UK, NE & DL.
    It's used to stress, condition, over-awe (& good luck with that, shitheads) & indoctrinate & 'ideas of reference'. Same capability does syntel & pain, lots & lots of pain, & somatic & autonomic 'biofeedbacks'.

  7. I quit Facebook once I had access through Facebook connect and saw what I could extract. This is still ongoing and the whole central identity project is just wrong. I hope that something like nextcloud happens for social media.

  8. We need more focus on the "who does things and why", not so much "How to do things and why"…we really "believe" in what we see, but we like to lie and to avoid what is behind. So good to listen to a forefather of VR.

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