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  1. I don't like the fact that namco removed a lot of features from this version especially since they were present om the psp tekken games but since the actual fighting is still pretty good i'd pick this game up

  2. no story mode? no buy, that's an instant fail. I'd rather they added a story mode for each character than the blood vengeance movie if devs where hurting for space.

  3. 7.5 (good)??? Nop, es mal juego. Lo adquiri en su momento (N3DSXL) y me arrepiento. El Tekken 5 y 6 de PSP son mucho mejor y ofrecen mas contenido. Mal review IGN, mal review.

  4. This is a horrible review. You ended up repeating yourself over and over again. On top of that, you call it "gorgeous", even though this was released 5 years after tekken 6 for the PSP which looks WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better IMO.

  5. This reviewer must be stoned outta his mind saying the game's graphics look gorgeous!!! The graphics look hideous all dam choppy like a badly-aging PS1 game!!!

  6. I got the game a while ago but I hadn't had a chance to play it until recently and…I'm really disappointed with it not to mention that I think that either.

    1. They knew that the game sucked and included the movie with it.
    2. They were forced to include the movie with it so the game suffered for it.

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