The ONE Thing that MUST Change for Bitcoin and Crypto to Truly Grow in 2019…

The one thing that must change for #Bitcoin and crypto to truly grow in 2019… $BTC vs stocks vs gold, Ledger and Trezor respond to hardware wallet hacks, VISA aquires Earthport, PayPal bans The Hacker News, NVIDIA lawsuit, Mizuho stabelcoin, crypto news, and more!

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0:22 Markets: Zilliqa (ZIL) rocket ?
2:19 Bitcoin bear pennant:
3:55 BTC vs Gold:
6:30 Stock markets vs Bitcoin:
8:02 To those we’ve lost…
8:53 Has crypto grown?
11:55? The ONE Thing that MUST Change:
17:17 PayPal bans The Hacker News:
18:05 Hardware wallets exposed!
19:34 Ledger/Trezor respond:
22:47? 30% OFF ALL Ledger Products ?
23:05 Cardano (ADA) news?
23:20 Digitex Futures (DGTX) news:
24:02 Visa x Earthport x Ripple (XRP):
25:10 Samsung crypto wallet:
26:00 NVIDIA lawsuit:
27:19 Mizuho digital currency:
28:31 Italy develops blockchain stategy:

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  1. My previous post was the bad news – here's the good news! I believe the Good People of crypto are still here! I also believe that they will find a way to unite. I also believe certain projects are well aware of the aforementioned wolves and have taken steps to avoid their intentions & strategies

  2. Hello K-dub!

    With regard to the "Dog-Eat-Dog" marketing nature of crypto communities . . . I fear that this posture is coming from the Top down. Dig deaper . . . What if Venture Capital is not the top of the food chain? What if there are higher actors in the shadows. What if most projects are simply trying to please the Masters of Special Global Interest Groups? Knowing that these groups are looking for winners and losers . . . . whereby to continue to advance funds. I believe 2016 & 2017 was when these groups entered. I also believe that they are NOT 100% committed to crypto's decentralized future. I believe they are hedging their bets, manipulating to make as much trading gains as possible & insuring against a true grass roots movement of the people, by gaining controlling market shares. If they kill crypto in the process, they DON'T CARE! They will use MSM to spin a narrative and push whatever stable coin they desire! Here's another problem – All the advancements are on Github!!! They can temporarily fund whatever projects meet their next goals, and then DUMP that project once the work is done. They can then steal the work and use it for their own products once they are ready to go Main Stream.

    There's So Many Aces these people have . . .

    The only thing that can save crypto is a LEGITIMATE grass roots movement, which, is a hard sell given the current wolves that are here amongst us

  3. The original Satoshi white paper had the perfect protocol. All the infighting is to cover up the original implementation of peer to peer instant low fee transactions that only BSV is doing now. BSV stands ready to close overthrow all other coins and exchanges will not be needed anymore. Craig Wright and Calvin Ayers are the saviors of the real Bitcoin according to Satoshi vision.

  4. How will you buy drugs if there is no fiat mate that's where this going we need easy to use person to person private transactions check out
    Particl is on the verge of releasing their first Dapp a p2p marketplace with public/private markets.
    Particl(PART) is a privacy centric decentralized platform aiming to be the first ever truly decentralized and privacy focused economy. bult on the latest bitcoin codebase
    Using CT ringct(testnet W Improvements) native segwit Bulletproofs(testnet) It will also offer a developers kit in the future for people to build privacy centric Dapps/widgets on top of the particl platform.

  5. OMG I would 2 love to give my husband a crypto zombie t-shirt! He has supported my crazy insight and true belief in crypto technology since July 2017.we are all in on this and love watching crypto zombie!

  6. As a new investor I only invest around $30 a month. I could go crazy but like you said there's no need for it,
    $30 over the past 12 months has started adding up and my portfolio is starting to take shape. I'm extremely glad I never bought on the high that passed in 2017 and its all pretty much been on the low end. I don't want to be rich but just have enough to buy a house for my family. Now if that doesn't work out then so be it. I pretty much intend on holding on till something gives

  7. Hey. Thanks for all your work this year. Got into crypto in Feb and it’s been a hell of a ride! But learnt so much and ready for whatever is round the corner. ? thanks for all your help. Would love a T-shirt to make my boys jealous who got me here in the first place haha. I know more than them now! And I’m a 54 year old grandma!!! 2019 bring it on ?

  8. Hey I dropped you a message a few days ago about Bitcoin-fund-manager.. google these names Wan-Lai Chen, Wan-Qi Kim, Qi-Wan Kim, Robert Kim, Bob Kim, Bob Wan Kim, Bobby Kim or John Bobby Kim. All at once and you will see dedicated webpages exposing this guy. Common man you got to chock this guy out cause he is bad for crypto. Don’t be scared homie.

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