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  1. I lived with undiagnosed PTSD for many years, it caused severe social problems. Every attempt I made to socialise in the real world, always went horribly wrong, it resulted in a severe PTSD episode, which for me, involved blackouts. I have since entered the world via social media, I was able to learn to socialise from the safety of my room in groups on Facebook who have also lived with a mental health condition. I am now able to socialise in the real world more successfully. I still have a ways to go and have yet to experience dating, but I now feel I have a chance to achieve this yet.

  2. – "Hello. You are calling Dr.Jones' VR clinic, how may I help you?"
    – "Hi, this is Mr. Smith speaking. I just heard about your VR treatment and believe it might help me with my problem".
    – "What do you suffer from, Mr. Smith?"
    – "I have an irrational fear of hot, passionate sex with very attractive women".

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