2019 Bitcoin Price Projections

My 2019 Bitcoin Price Projections.

Different scenarios, based on different charts.
On every chart that does make sense one thing always comes back: history.

I think 2019 will be a year to look at history rather than look to the future in terms of predicting price.

To know what I think the Bitcoin price will do in 2019, watch the video ;).

Not professional advice.

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  1. Hi my friend, thanks for every things you provide for us. I wish you as well happy new year. I would like to ask you a question and I hope you could answer me as soon as possible. I already bought about 15000 ADA since 6 months and I have the intention to keep them for a long term, the problem with my stored ADA is that when I bought these ADA, I kept them in my Binance account, I mean, I didn't transfer them to my Cardano wallet? because my phone screen was broken and I have all the codes and the authenticator google on my phone and I'm supposed to change the screen of my phone so that I could get access to my account on Binance and then transfer all my ADA to my Cardano wallet. My question is that would you please inform me is there any risk to leave my cardano at my Binance account or I have to immediately transfer them all to my cardano wallet, or it is no problem to leave all the ADA I bought on my Binance account? I didn't change my phone screen since 4 months, that is to say I didn't get access to my Binance account since more then 4 months, is there any risk that I could lose my ADA? What do you advise me please? Waiting from you very urgent. Best regards,

  2. Hi Quinten πŸ™‚ Thanks for the wishes and of course I wish you the same. Maybe you could make a video about your investing in stocks for time to time. I also investing in stocks. Think about it πŸ˜› Greetings from Poland

  3. Add a major economic downturn in 2019. Possibility of a trend reversal of epic proportions. Just a thought, but it could break the charts to the upside. Thanks and happy new year!

  4. Hi Quinten, happy new year. Glad to see your bullishness got a little wack and you discovered a balance in your market knowledge. I remember we had a discussion in june where I told you we were going to atleast 4000 or lower. You brushed it of and laughed. This over confidence is what market makers love to see, cause they can exploit it. When you feel it, be aware! Good luck in 2019!

  5. Happy new year to you man, best to come for your channel in 2019!
    Interesting video as well! I'm thinking the same that we'll basically see another year of pretty much sideways movement.
    I'm wondering if you could maybe hook us up with the links to these charts?

    I'm also thinking about featuring this video on my facebookpage about crypto if you're down with that.

  6. A year of learning about the industry and having patience. You never lose if you don't sell so for those who could or did hold strong we are still in it…. Very difficult for those who came in late at ATH's and then did or had to sell… Hugh opportunities but also hugh risks this is what we can never forget. Young industry, small size, large volatility, little regulation but ongoing and growing development with new partnerships for those coins with value add… Good luck to all in 2019 picking those solid investments and trades

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