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  1. Dura force is indestructible. I've thrown my repeatedly against cement wall and slammed it on the floor multiple times. Can't break it! Bring back this phone retailers!! It has been discontinued due to its toughness.

  2. Really amazing!!! I owned a rugged phone from RuggedT. It performs well. And I heard that RuggedT recently introduced new Win 7/ Win 10 / Linux rugged tablet, T1001. Sounds great!!!

  3. Hello, thanks a lot !
    I bought a blackview bv6000 and 8000pro but the phone have some bug.
    What do you think about Doogee S80 and S90 ? Some people say Doogee have some malware 🙁

  4. I've had my CAT S50c for about 2 years now. Definitely a tough phone. But really lacks internal memory at only 8g. It came with preloaded apps which are useless to me and can't delete them. So far I've only downloaded 3 of my own apps and there is no more space for any more even after deleting a bunch of pictures and moving the rest to my SD card. Overall a tough phone with little memory.

  5. Мне нужен телефон который хорошо бронированный, хороший звук и который тянет на игры

  6. Bought CAT S41, worked great at first, but the SW has been getting buggier the longer I have it and after 2 months there is no way to make it ring when you get calls/texts/notifications/alarms even with 3rd party apps.
    P.S. CAT acknowledges that this is an issue with the phone, but they won't even attempt to resolve it unless I ship them the phone, leaving me without even knowing when I would have a phone again.

  7. So, a Doogee user started a Brand-X Music on the phone after getting up, but instead we heard some retarded advert melody along with his rock climbing with sneakers – it's a miracle he didn't fall and break his neck along with the phone 😀 …FFS, i will not buy it.

  8. Lol I was surprised when I didn't see the S8 active which is a good rugged phone and can actually be used as a phone with awesome cameras and a good screen too. Weird

  9. I have Blackview BV800PRO. Phone it's not that bad. Just problem that I had to deal 2 times already is changing charging port. One phone for year . It's not big deal to change it. It's $13 piece. It takes 3 weeks to arrive. And also some other down side is you have to use their original headphones and charger. Cause of the design both are longer than ever day Type C charger and phone jack.

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