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  1. The ending of the book sounds sooooo much better than the end in the movie. The ending nearly ruined the whole damn movie. The monsters are a portrait of social media, and the crazy ones (the ones forcing the sane ones too watch) are the people getting famous thru social media……obviously i am kidding, but see how easy it is to try to come of as a deep thinker trying to convince others that a movie has a deeper thought and meaning behind it that it actually has. Pretty neat huh..

  2. I haven't read the book but when I watched the movie I was thinking the same why don't they just blind themselves, its cruel but best way to survive this.

  3. Netflix "HORROR" Movie Bird Box. Um, what? Where were the horror elements again? That movie was about as scary as the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, or Friday the 13th reboot, or Happy Death Day.

  4. Es simple la película trata de que si uno no se cubre los ojos ve puras cosas paranormales que nunca aparecen en la película segundo solo te avisan que los pájaros sirven para saber si llegara una presencia maligna y tercero al final solo las personas ciegas sobreviven y la mujer llega a un hogar de personas ciegas se mueren todos menos ella y niño y niña que la niña es hija de una gordita

  5. I really don't understand, there's nothing to explain. It's a generic movie with an OK premise with a generic ending. IGN are looking way to far into it and making it appear more compelling than it is.

  6. Wtf, what is there to explain, I’m pretty sure everyone understood the ending. You guys simply noticed that this movie was pretty popular so you wanted to jump onto the train.

  7. I for one didn't like the movie .
    It was boring and dumb to put it bluntly .
    Thay make an off hand explanation that its demons but show nothing more pointing to the being being possible demons from any religion .
    There is a better movie that set up the horror a lot better and didn't need to show the killer and was also a demon .
    The movie i am talking about is gepers creepers .
    The attacks only happend at night and nothing but the song would show it may attack .
    Then thay destroyed that fear buy showing the demon in the next movie .
    If there was a reason for the birds like the birds ward off the demons or something else it would have made at least parts of it interesting but its just a dull mess

  8. I mean the movie wasnt bad but it was certainly over hyped. After the movie I was like meh. Also, I wouldn't consider this a horror film, it's more of a dramatic thriller.

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