Bitcoin & Blockchain in 2019 | Expert Predictions

A look back at 2018 and predictions for 2019 from crypto industry experts. We talked Roger Ver (, Tone Vays (crypto analyst), Jimmy Song (Bitcoin educator), Paul Veradittakit (Pantera Capital) and Bitcoin Dad (crypto trader).
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Bitcoin & Blockchain in 2019 | Expert Predictions


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  1. These guys are not experts in the slightest. Guy with the cowboy hat could barely form a sentence. Was painful to listen to. Tone Vays has decent TA and Roger Ver has experience I'll give them that but these other jokers probably got #rekt and need to never be interviewed again.

  2. 2018, the year that proved that BTC isn't a store of value because it lacks on-chain capacity and so isn't unchallenged. All bets are open, for a better system to be preferred. Something with unbounded on-chain scalability, which doesn't leak network value to power companies.

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  4. By May, 2020, I think we are at $160,000 due to the fact that May 2020 has a "halving" – i.e. mining efficiency cut by half which cuts inflation, and makes bitcoin more scarce. This combined with inst investors like Fidelity buying up large amounts cuts down the supply right at the time when inflation is reducing, so we will see a lot more scarcity over the next year, and this will be priced in by May 2020. So sometime between now and then we get another bull run of up to 160,000 and I'd say at least up to $80,000. I agree tho these stupid ICO's need to die in order to see real movement.

  5. I called it on every single crypto live channel. Crypto is a ponzy scheme! How can you trade in a currency that is not backed by any tangible, physical asset? It's insane.

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  7. Im new to trading…. just researching… things that go down can only go up….. I think that Bitcoin was the beginning and that there will be another ALTCOIN that will learn from BITCOINS success and failures…

  8. All this so called crypto experts have been longing bitcoin since 2011 2012.. They will always be in profit unless crypto massively crashes to pennies. They lie in your faces with a big ☺ cashing in while other people buy at higher prices.

  9. $PAC is my new favorite coin. Community takeover at the beginning of 2017 and it's had more real-world use than most alts. Peep the 1 year logarithmic chart

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