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  1. i appreciate how sensitive you were not being insulting to the indians, apple products are pretty good, but after all its a utility device and should be accessible to the masses.


  3. The reason for decline in iphone sales are just simple.indian customers expect a lot for a huge amount we spend..I mean premium and price to spec ratio?price to spec ratio wins in most cases..ya they provide a lot in camera and performances stuff
    ..but thier upgrades are not upto that grade while they are good at their price spikes

  4. Slave work is getting more expensive in China because the economy is getting better. Now it's India and next is Kenya, Google is already starting to invest there.

  5. *For all the iphone buyers out there, consider this checklist –
    1. Make sure you have enough money to buy all the fancy products that apple doesn't provide you (Fast charger + dongle + wireless charging pad + airpods + applecare) with the iphone X/Xs/Xs max with enough storage according to your needs.
    2. Make sure you have understood point 1 properly
    3. Proceed to buy.
    Hope this helps. ???✌✌*

  6. So India is charging a huge amount of tariff on a beloved US brand,forcing it's products to be sold for a doubled price,losing all compatibility.And Trump is fine with that?Trade war with India now!!

  7. Wherever it is manufactured it's still gonna very expensive in India. Nothing special on cost. But more Indians got jobs. Atleast that's the good news

  8. in india we don't buy iphone because it is nt just the phone, it's the whole ecosystem. with the devices and os not as flexible as android or windows.

  9. Do you think that's a coincidence if apple relocalize his production in India after a movement of reject of their products at Huawei/Honor's profit by the chinese because of the Huawei affair in western country (essentially US and UK country sphere) ? I'm thinking there is a link between this two facts . And the competition btwn China and India too can be relevant in this reflexion. Am i wrong ? i'm not sure, it's debatable

  10. im not sure if i like the led lights around the monitor. I would like not to hair your voices resonate either. All these minor details makes this show look a bit cheap and not very serious.

  11. Guys let me give u a clear insight for Indian market.
    There are 3 type of customers in India and since I am an intersection between all 3 so I can clearly tell you.
    1. Apple lovers (few): Lower price will be great for them but since they are still buying so it won't reflect on Apple sale.
    2. Tech savvy(many): some will buy it but since they know about other options so they will definitely go for them.
    3. Ordinary Indian (huge; around 85%): they will never buy Apple because of insane price.
    So conclusion is Apple sale will not be high even if they start manufacturing parts here beoz it's just a very smart market.

    And then there is huge problem of Service in India for Apple products since they are unskilled and undertrained and can ruine you stuff with please.

  12. I feel still even after produce in India, Apple will be outdated and more expensive than the competition, their time for mobile division to the end seems to be more close than many expected.

  13. This is some real stuff Apple need to watch. . And yeah those people too who try to behave like their Father is BILL GATES with a 5s in hand here in INDIA .. .

  14. As a guy from middle class in India the aggressive pricing of poco made me raise my smartphone budget from 150-200 to 300, my next one will be a one plus i guess

  15. I am from India and u know what I think Apple is gonna screw themselves by this decision, Indian manufacturers are not that much upgraded or specialised by any means. My prediction is after 1 year apple gonna have very low stock price. Also the price of iPhones coming next year gonna be way more than $1500…….

  16. Yeah latest iphone cost 1/10th of a million rupees, understanding what indian customer require can makes you businessman, that's why android is more successful than ios, precisely xaomi, oppo and vivo phones, you want great camera other features are slightly average with perfect camera, you want performance phone they got it, you want long battery life phone they have it, all these are mid range phones which cost less than 22-25k Rs or if someone want really nice upgraded phone and mainly concern about specifications then they go after flagships phones, all these phones prices focuses on middle classes people which is affordable, and i think most iphone support single sim and no sd card support, so being honest i didn't see those around me who use single sim only, there are 2 sim cards one for internet Jio and another one is to receive call from others when jio calling gets network issues.

  17. Apple still don’t get it…
    Trump wants to deal with countries one by one.
    Mexico Canada, China, then India and Euro…the goal is obviously bring the jobs back to America…so it won’t matter

  18. if apple releases $500 iPhone in India, Indians would still ignore it as they would still prefer bang for the buck phones like xiaomi and oneplus

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