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I’m available for consulting at the rate of 0.1 BTC per hour. Please contact me on facebook for more info.

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  1. yeah but say i buy 10 bitcoin and the price goes to $200,000 how the hell do sell em quickly? those trading sites are run buy small companies they cant fork out millions of dollars in one second. until i can walk into a bank and exchange them for cash theyre useless

  2. okay! Phase one done. But now we must go to phase 2. Ah, yes grasshoppers. at the mining level. there is this one little niggle of a difficulty. Electricity is a bit expensive. or is it? let us introduce Our Gas lol I must dare you pioneers to ask me to show you a way to power your mines that require absolutely no power Company to provide the power. Let me help you see the way. Our currency has found a way now let us finnish the revolution…

  3. “Nobody was talking about a bubble in 2017” well that’s funny. There was definitely talks of a bubble. The moment btc simply reached $3000 for the very first time in August of 2017 there were definite talks about a bubble. Especially when it reached $20k. Lol

  4. Do not spend a dime on BTC until you understand how Bitcoin works. What is the blocksize debate? What is nakamoto concensus? What is a fork? If you don't know about some of these topics do not spend money on something you do not understand – you will absolutely lose. I personally believe we should understand the technology behind Bitcoin and then pick among the many coins that have the roadmap that makes the most sense to us. Although I think everyone should have some investment in BTC, I encourage everyone to learn more at

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