Bitcoin WILL 100x and Replace GOLD?!? The ONE Key Factor Most People Overlook | Bitcoin on Facebook

Is it realistically possible for #Bitcoin to 100x and replace GOLD? The one key factor most people overlook… Bitcoin comes to Facebook (sort of), Bakkt updates, Jed McCaleb says we are not in a bear market and that 90% of projects are “B.S.” crypto news, and more!

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0:21 Markets
3:10 Bakkt funding round:
4:07 Bakkt delay notice:
4:22 Jed McCaleb (XLM) says we’re not in a bear market:
6:54 Jed hates 90% of cryptos and bashes Tron (TRX):
8:51 Jimmy Song on Bitcoin:
11:58 Bitcoin will 100x and replace Gold:
13:15 $340k BTC:
13:30 ? Moon Math:
14:02 Next Bitcoin halving could cause a rally!
18:29 Bitcoin on Facebook?
19:39 Bithumb manipulation:
20:05 Bithumb summary:
22:16 Bitcoin-Fund-Manager Scammer?
22:43 Full Report:
23:26 Cardano (ADA) news
23:47 India stalls crypto adoption:
24:50 Samurai Wallet: Ricochet
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  1. Used to think Tron was a shitcoin but was pretty impressed by all the developments and picked some up near the bottom. One of the best performers in my portfolio so far.

  2. McCaleb did say that about Tron because Justin Sun did make a tweet about XLM yesterday. Or did Justin make that tweet because of McCalebs statement ??? ,)

  3. 30% off on Ledger was great… However, in Brazil so it ended up with 156% import tax and 1 month stuck in customs. Still happy to have the little thing but going to think twice before importing more expensive stuff.

  4. If you are for the movement: pleas read.

    I m a customer at litebitt and Bittrex
    I was checking my adress of my coins on the blockchain. This was 3 weeks ago. I saw that my coins were moving around from my adress to a different adress. So i panick out and called the customer service. The told me that as long as i have my funds stored inside there exchange the are allowed to move the coins. So i told him that i realy dont like this what the are doing. Thinking now back this is the reason the value of the coins are going down. This exchanges cordinate together and just are selling the first buy of a customer on a higher price to someone who is coming day after on a lower price. That way this exchanges dont need to buy coins to fill up there stock. I have taken out al my funds from the exchanges. And i hope a lot more people do . That way the cant fool around with our coins and the need to buy again. That way we would get higher. So in my opinion we will rise with prices if al people just take there coins out of this exchanges. You have a ipad, you have a pc you have a laptop you have a mobile you have a usb you have pencil and paper. You have so many options to take your coins out and take them in your own privacy. But people just let them on exchanges. This are mostly people who bought in just for the fudd and cuz the prices fall down , the dont know what to do with there coins and leave it at exchanges. And the dont understand the are helping the exchanges set the price lower. I think there is a long way til people understand what it is to have your own privacy and own rules on your own money. The are stil in slave mode and dont change with the revolution.

    thnks for reading and i hope you participat with the movement of taking the coins out of exchanges yousing it or just taking it out and saving it somewere so you have your own keys. And not leaving them at exchanges so this hole market gets rapedd bye this fukers who take advantage of the situation. We didnt create and participat in Crypto market to see it fall down like the OLD market.

  5. your rainbow long term channel seems a bit incomplete…
    everyone seems to draw it that way,
    try ZOOMING out even more and draw a super super huge S curve to mimic the adoption s curve… i think that will be how BTC turns out in 50 years time.
    what we see is the very beginning of the adoption curve, i have to admit, its hard to digest as it would be impossible to map out and S curve or anything into the future that far, but somehow i believe price is best way to show adoption and because BTC is the hardest money ever known its "price" would most closely resemble the s curve adoption… just my 2 sats…

  6. eth and alts are cuck coins. all must bow down to king BTC. The sooner you sell these shitcoins, the quicker the market will get bullish again.

  7. Hey! @crypto zombie! Love and enjoy your content.. Since I subscribed last year( seems like a decade ago?) but very informative and lively channel! Best on YouTube hands down.. Heard you have a lot of bitcoin hahaha if you may kindly lend me 1 or a half of it I join the holding gang hehe.. Anyways, really enjoy your content.. Keep it up, though into stocks crypto is something am definitely more than interested with.

  8. TRX is going to be huge.. intergration with BitTorrent protocol is huge.. Like people pay attention #wakeup.. 1/3 of the worlds bandwidth is used with it.. Scalability would have no limits 😉

  9. Zombie,

    Exodus is one of the best desktop wallets out there as long as you have a basic sense of security. As a code monkey, I have talked to the Exodus guys many of times over the years, and they also have great communication for customer support. There is a couple of things I would suggest to new users, or new people to crypto that they need to be aware of:

    1. Be sure to either delete the "backup" mnemonic seed pass phrase that is sent to your email when setting up the wallet. Unless you have 2FA setup on your email client, then your good to go and can disregard.

    Without 2FA on your email, it is very easy to punch through an email client like offered in Windows 10 or Microsoft Office .. by even a rookie programmer; and or skip the option to have the backup seed emailed to you. Just write down the seed and close the wallet and then reopen the wallet, when you get to that point during the installation and initial setup. I have chatted with Exodus on Zoom about this, and the conclusion was that they are eventually going to remove the email backup feature as it is an unnecessary security risk.

    ** I am in the habit of copying and pasting the seed phrase into Notepad, and then I print it out, then close Notepad without saving the text file, ( So I do not have trouble reading my hand writing later down the road ).

    2. Everything from your wallet keys, to the chainstate database files is only on your PC, ( on your side only ), in Exodus; the only security concern I or anyone could have with Exodus is the wallet itself does not have 2FA, but this is nominal risk if your PC is not in a common use area.

    Another up and coming wallet is the Atomic Wallet, ( not affiliated ). I have been mining since February 2015, and have accumulated on or about 30 or so core wallets over the years .. The Atomic wallet holds 100's of different coins, ( I lost count at 100 ). You can also buy coins in the wallet, and they have Atomic swaps, also three of the major coin swap services internal to the wallet, very similar to what is in Exodus. They did have an issue where I could not send Cardano out of the wallet, but that was in version 1.36.0, and they quickly resolved the issue the the next version update, 1.37.0

    Ledger does not recommend to mine crypto to their wallet, I found this out first hand as it locked up the Ethereum address on the Nano. Basically, the buffer can only handle so many repeat transactions in a given wallet, and eventually a transaction will get stuck in the mempool. I had to crack into the ledger and nuke every data file in the chainstate folder and then re-sync that individual wallet to clear the stuck transaction.

    Syncing issues with core wallets is something that is very common, and I had lost access to 109,000 Ravencoins once because of it, and it took three days to get the wallet working. You can find this issue all over Reddit on core wallet threads. The quickest and best method I have found to fix this, ( if anyone has or may have a syncing issue ), is to copy the "Wallet.dat" file and paste a copy in any other folder, like a "Bin" folder. Then nuke every file in the Chainstate folder. Close and reopen the wallet and it will re-sync from scratch, once the Damon has completed syncing the wallet, close it, copy and paste the Wallet.dat file back in the wallet directory and re-open the wallet and Bada Boom .. Bada Bing; all your coins will show in the balance.

    Hey, on that screen shot of the exchange with the same transaction(s) amounts you showed us, it looks just like my mining wallets payouts with nearly identical deposit amounts. My hash rates are very stable since I have been running these current rigs / equipment for over a year; so the payouts are nearly identical unless the pool difficulty has a massive increases or decreases than obviously that will make the difference in payouts accordingly based on the pools total hash rate.

    Your a true BOSS Kdub, and your channel has so much positive energy, and humor .. I just thought the missing twitter thing was funny man, that is the only reason I goofed on it .. not as a got'cha thing whatsoever, and if it came off that that way; my apologies.


    Addendum: Did you get my second email with the mailing address for the Zombie T-Shirt? I later realized that I didn't include it the first time I reached out to you. And yes, XL / Extra Large should be perfect man. thx.u

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