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  1. Even if this guy's experiment is proven correct and we all live in a virtual reality the data will never see the light of day or be disclosed to the general public because it would bring about the end of religion & change the our economic system the World over so dramatically that the government would NEVER permit this disclosure. A prime example of our federal government censoring information that was meant to be disclosed to the people is both the existence of giants as well as that of UFOs & extraterrestrials & where they come from. The government could care less if we knew about aliens but the very fact is that if aliens did somehow manage to get here & if our government does have access to these spacecraft & are reverse engineering them out at S-4 as well as other locations by now as previously alleged by Bob Lazar then it becomes quite evident & obvious that zero point Energy systems do in fact exist after all. Ask yourself the question as to what that does to fossil fuels such as oil gas and coal & then ask yourself the question as to what that does to the global elitists and those who have their money tied up in such things? The world's economic structure as we know it would change forever overnight or even possibly cease to exist. The real estate market too would be adversely affected because if you could go from one house that you own in one location and go to another on the other side of the planet in a matter of seconds what does that then do to the price of real estate? The disclosure of the existence of zero point Energy systems, next-generation Technogies as well as if we live in a virtual reality would cause World Markets to crumble overnight or at least such is the argument made by those who wish to deter the release of such information. When the Brookings Institute was asked to write a paper on as to weather extraterrestrials exist or not and as to whether this information should be released to the public the response was an unequivocal no because they felt society couldn't handle it & that there would be widespread looting & rioting throughout the world.I however have a different view on humanity and believe that we probably could handle such disclosures but this is not something that governments would ever allow because of their trepidation and fear of what it could do to the world economy. There are those who argue that advanced technologies such as those found on an ET Spacecraft or UFO should be released at a pace the world could absorb so as to not send shockwaves throughout the World Economy. However 95 percent of the Words scientists have been telling us for years that Global Warming is Real & that it poses a Clear & Present Danger not only to Humanity but to Every Single Species on the Face of the Planet. Has not the time for Disclosure on UFOs zero point Energy systems & Next Generation Technologies Finally come? I know that both Bob Lazar & Dr. Steven Greer believe it has & so to does Dr. Clifford T. Stone at from Steven Greer's Witness Testimony. In closing I'd strongly encourage those of you who watched this video to go check out some videos by Bob Lazar Dr.steven Greer & Clifford T. Stone under the heading of Witness Testimony. You should also check out the John Searl Effect. Evidently this gentleman invented is zero point Energy System and he has been trying to give this technology to the world since 1946 but it's being suppressed by the world governments.

  2. most of your pain is self inflicted? really? most people I know are doing there best – sadly the opportunity to make choices is not evenly distributed and most live in relative poverty in all sorts of ways and this is largely determined by the environment. the system the ton of things you neither chose or influence much unless we act together

  3. I wonder what his thoughts regarding his history in terms of his practical application of physics to create the tools of death and destruction

  4. if he is hoping the experiment turns out a certain way I wonder how they are managing all the bias and blind spots we all have

  5. I keep hearing about these quantum fields, the Higgs field, the gravity field, and many others, to me, these fields are nothing more then the same or separate fields that are creating the virtual reality we are living in. It makes a lot of sense to me that this is what is going on.

  6. We don’t live in a simulation, we have the ability to now simulate. It started as a natural creation then technology uncovered and intercepted the language. That’s just what I think

  7. do you believe in a higher power? or a greater intelligence? i think one either believes in that, or the alternative is the big bang was random, and we're on a random rock in a random solar system in a random galaxy in a random universe and nothing means anything.
    i think you have to take into account how the human pysche reacts to both of those ideas. and check our reaction and motivation for both. then once you either take that into account, or discount it, you can look at the question objectively.
    i love the story of cain and abel in genesis, cain kills his brother out of jealously for god's affection and god not only does not kill cain, but curses him by keeping him alive, and marking him so that if anyone harms cain, they will be in trouble with the big man himself. and cain says 'my punishment is more than i can bear.'
    and this is a metaphor for the wrestling of consciousness that we go through. cain is angry at being itself, which is the worst possible kind of anger (and also absolutely inline with mass shooting perpetrators).
    ya man tom campbell on the podcast is offering a way out of that 'problem' for humanity, so it's obviously a big deal…………well a hero's quest.

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