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  1. A little Balance tweak imo. If enemies use claymores or 2 handed axes you cant Block all the damage with a dagger or one handed sword. Only with shields and the Same big weapons (claymores 2 handed axes) this would give more challenge to this game xD imo

    Edit: and if you hold a claymore or other two handed weapon with one Hand you get 50 or more percent of the damage

  2. Its a shame that josh dosent rly edit his videos anymore. I mean I love daddy joshy, but y'know, I was subscribed to him , back when he had around 6-7 thousands subs, and he rly got me with his amazing editing skills, its just sad that he dosent use them anymore. I mean , yea, it saves lots of time, cant deny that, but hey, the magic is not as strong as it use to.
    And from then and now,I still enjoy his videos , and I would continue no matter what. But I just felt like it needed to be said

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