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  1. I love my iPad Pro but really wish that some of this goodness would come over to the mac. If the Surface Pro ran macOS with iOS apps it would be a no brainier!

  2. I have an surface pro 4 and the screen starts to glitching after about a year and the surface also has a lot of updates with takes up the storage space and it’s not that light weight and the keyboard beings to tear after a while and the pen stops working and needs to reset a couple times ???

  3. In the future, Microsoft may release the Surface dial matte black, Surface studio matte black, Surface book matte black, Surface go matte black and I bet ijustin will buy all of them ?

  4. I had a Microsoft surface pro 3 and that was the loudest laptop I ever had and It would always run hot it sounded like I was rendering 8k video on it and you could never use it in tablet mode because the back would burn your hand

  5. I bought a Surface Pro 6 and love it. Was thinking of selling my iPad Pro, but I'm seriously considering having both the iPad and Surface.

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