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  1. I've played some hard games in the past (Dark Souls, Escape from Butcher's Bay) but this one sounds a little frustrating and unfair.

  2. the no save system makes it so i cant play it often, I dont have 100 hours a day to play a game. Some times i have 5 mins or 15, not an hour.

  3. The reason they are reviewing early access games on steam is because it WILL NEVER COME OUT OF EARLY ACCESS. I rarely see games ever come out of early access on steam.

  4. Look review wasn't too in depth since it's early access.
    But I have to say, they are billions is AMAZING , absolutely hooked to it .definitely check it out

  5. omg I finally beat the frozen highlands. the only game that'll beat you in easy mode lol. it's worth your money for all of you pc rts veterans.

  6. The town they show in this review looks like it’s spread pretty thin. In my playthroughs I’ve found that it is easier to create walled “districts” by placing walls and towers inside my existing base. That way if the zombies find their way in there is at least a chance that they can be contained until I can clear them out (think Attack On Titan, that’s the general idea).

  7. I don't play RTS or Strategy games in general because my brain just can't handle them anymore I guess. But I can certainly give kudos to games that look great and do interesting things. Maybe not redefine the genre, but make things just different enough. This looks great, and after seeing Giantbomb and a few Youtubers play it, I think it looks great at this early stage.

  8. @IGN: Regarding Early Access reviews, I have the polar opposite opinion to the people in the comments. I think you're doing exactly the right thing in starting to review Early Access games. If the developer or publisher puts a game out for us to buy, it should be reviewed if it is worth our time and money. This is the only way to react to this business practice, so developers won't get away with promising fixes till the end of time, without ever finishing the game. Now they always fall back onto "…but it's just in Early Access" while they still charge money for the game and sell it regularly on Steam. No free demo, no closed beta, nothing. Look at examples like DayZ.

    I think that was also the big problem with PUBG for me and other people. It was "good enough" to be nominated and rewarded with awards, but not finished enough to be reviewed!? That didn't make any sense. Either "ignore" games in Early Access, because they're not officially released (which is bad, because in fact and reality they are released and sold) or treat them like all other games and review them with a score. It always fine to update that score a year later, when the game is fully released, but it has to be judged as the product it is right now when it's sold. I think re-reviewing games is the thing to go for anyway in the time of "games as a service". See Rainbow Six: Siege for a great and recent example of a game that got better and better over time.

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