2 of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Volume and Features

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Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange and its Features

Binance is one of the most popular if not the most popular cryptocurrency exchange. After starting out in 2017 in China before moving to the cryptophilia Island of Malta, the exchange rose majestically with amazing surge in new sign-ups and has risen to the top in terms of total trade volume and market dominance. The exchange managed to gain traction and popularity due to it admirable and high number of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) listing, low trading fees and support of numerous languages.

The cryptocurrency exchange offers two options of trading which are: basic and advanced. The advanced option gives more technical insights, candle sticks and analytics of different cryptocurrencies over time while the basic option is less technical, showing only graphs and charts for trade pairs, trade history and order books and it’s for beginners and inexperienced cryptocurrency traders. All the same, with a little grasp of how cryptocurrencies and exchange work, you should be able to easily navigate the platform and make use of the different services it offers.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Binance supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens. As such the platform can be used for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges by traders. Supported coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold,  Binance coin (BNB), EOS, Dash, NEO, LiteCoin, GAS, Dash, Zcash, Ripple etc. and they support trading pairs in BTC, ETH, BNB, and USDT. As earlier mentioned, the exchange also supports a lot of tokens and ICO listings. So if you are looking for where to buy cryptocurrency or the best cryptocurrency exchange platform to trade then Binance is the answer! 

Binance Fees

Currently, Binance charges an average of 0.1% on every trade that a casual investor (those that trade less than 100 BTC 30-day volumes) carries out. To further increase the adoption and usage of their coin (Binance coin), trader who choose to pay with it get 25% discount or reduction in trading fee, one of the lowest trading fees any exchange offer at this time. For high-volume traders (above 100 BTC 30-day volumes) with at least 50 Binance coin in their account, there are even more mouth watering discounts.

All in all, trading fee is determined by platform user’s trading volume, whether the fee is paid in BNB and trader’s maker or taker status. Generally, the fee is 0.015% to 0.100%.


Like other cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance set limits on withdrawals to ensure safety of account and user’s fund. This limit is based on account verification. As such users with verified accounts have a 100BTC withdrawal limit per 24h while users with non verified accounts have a 2BTC withdrawal limit per 24h.

For verification of account, users need to go to their account settings and follow the steps of requirements to finish it.

Extra Features

Apart from being an exchange, Binance has many other features for users. This includes Binance Academy where educational materials on blockchain as well as Binance itself are made available. This includes ICO reviews, market stats, Binance Labs for startup framework, and Launchpad for the token launch of tokens and ICO listens.

Get started with Binance here.

Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange and it Features

Operated by Huobi Global Limited, Huobi cryptocurrency exchange is a Chinese company that was established in 2013 but moved to Singapore because of the Chinese government crackdown on cryptocurrency related activities in 2017. With offices in 5 countries including United Stated and Japan, the cryptocurrency exchange has users in more than 130 countries, is incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles and is focused on trading cryptocurrencies around the globe. If you’re asking what is the best cryptocurrency exchange for beginners, then Huobi is the answer.

Huobi’s model of operation allows for it users to carry out trade in over 190 cryptocurrency pairs and it features include deposit and exchange of dozens of hundreds of currencies. With this platform, you can deposit funds into your trading account via crypto transfer and start trading even as a beginner in cryptocurrency exchange activities. 

Huobi Fees

There are no fees for depositing funds into your Huobi account. However, withdrawal fees apply.  Also, when trading cryptocurrencies on Huobi, you will be charged the following:

Maker fee: 0.2%

Taker fee: 0.2%

Although, VIP users have access to discounted platform fees and charges based on their VIP status and membership level, which is usually paid for using Huobi Tokens (HT). The table below shows the fees for the most popular currencies, although an exhaustive list can be viewed here:

Currency Withdrawal fee
Bitcoin 0.001
Bitcoin Cash 0.0001
Ethereum 0.01
Litecoin 0.001
Ripple 0.1


Although Huobi is one of the best altcoin exchanges, withdrawal limit applies and the maximum amount you can withdraw from your account depends on the coin chosen and whether your account is verified or not. This includes submitting your government ID and other details to verify your identity. An exhaustive list of different coins and their withdrawal limits can be seen here.

The same principle holds for trade limits as this also depends on the type of cryptocurrency and verification of account. You can also have a view of the trade limit of different popular coins here.

Platform Safety and Security

If you’re wondering if it’s safe to use Huobi, then you can start by considering the security features in place. Apart from email verification after signup on the platform, you need to activate a 2-factor authenticator using Google Authenticator or Authy which helps you secure your account. Then if you want full verification to submit your government ID. With this and the VIP options available, you can enjoy unlimited offers and perks on the website.

Also, Huobi uses an anti-DDoS protection system and decentralized structure, with over 98% of cryptocurrencies stored in cold wallets that are highly secured. Huobi is also an established exchange that has been actively operating since 2013, which is considered a long time in the relatively new cryptocurrency world.


Huobi support is available in multiple languages including Chinese, English and Russian and the exchange offers 24/7 customer support 24. They can also be contacted via live chat or message. 

Get started with Huobi here.

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