Bitcoin vs Gold | Can bitcoin’s Price follow Gold ? ($60,000 Target)

Bitcoin and gold have some major difference and also the have many similarities, both of them require energy process to be mind, both of them can be used as an alternative to USD and both of them have similarities in price movement. In this video I will compare gold to bitcoin and we will look what would happen if bitcoin would follow gold’s price movement
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➤ What is Inverted Yield Curve:
➤ How gold performed in recessions:
➤ Stock market can drop by 73%:
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  1. I think it will be worth much more than $60k in future because there is just only 21 milion BTC for whole world population. Long term prediction – $1-5m in 10-15 years. Also, I think that for example Tim Draper will be right with his prediction – $250k by 2022.

  2. You all "Bitcoin Valhalla Believers" will be slaughtered like pigs! The hype has died, so does the price! It's like 1999 but people don't see it even now that it's gone for good!

  3. The Gold and Silver Community and the Bitcoin and Altcoins Community have the same goals…no more fighting unit and destroy the FIAT monitery system. REAL MONEY GANG GANG ???????

  4. Great video! I think BTC has the potential to demolish the $60k price level due to its limited supply, the fact it is digital so transfers can be easily executed etc etc. The acceptance and adoption of BTC among the upcoming generations will be huge cause we’re in a digital era. Bitcoin is the evolution of all the stores of value & media of exchanges we know right now .

  5. Gold was $300 in April 2003 when I saw it had started a new secular bull market. It made a big move from 2003 – 2011 when it went to $1900. It was in a bear market to Dec 2015 when it bottomed at $1045. It's been in a slow bull since then and is now about $1260. So basically gold has quadrupled in price in over 15 years. Bitcoin wasn't even created until 2008. It's gone from nothing to now about $3800 after it was near $20000. It's bottoming out now and yes in the next few years it should follow Metcalfe's Law and go multiples of the $20000 Dec 2017 high. Gold will go up but it will pale in comparison to bitcoin's potential long term IMO.

  6. Btc is digital gold. Bakt will make it digital cash. An etf will make it a legitimate investment. Its also deflationary. When you can buy it at a bank it will reach its peak price.

  7. cpu or gpu of gadgets were made of gold, that crypto's needed to be existed. that means without gold all cryptos are worthless, but even without modern technology gold will always have value.

  8. It´s realistic. Both are decentralised . BTC is more volatile and newer, so it will be worth much more, than 60K. Just my opinon.

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