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  1. Sorry, another quick point. When they are talking about ''tattoos' in the bible, they don't mean the same thing as what we have today. They are talking abot branding slaves. They used to take a hot iron with ''their mark/design'' and burn it into the kin of the slaves they had bought, horrible thought isn't it, and i bet that hurt far more than a tattoo does and the burn may have become infected back then too. So, that is what they are taking about, branding is bad, voluntary tattoo's are another thing altogher, which I think is ok myself!!

  2. In abu dahbi the licence plates are given to the royal family in orderof importance, so king has a plate withe just 1 on it, he;d also ave 2, 3,4 too, then the crown prince will have 5, 6 ,7 ,7 ect, So the guy with222 222, isn't that important really

  3. This is a good episode of the podcast. Lewis is one of my favorite guest along side Joey Diaz and Shane Smith from Vice. Hope to see you on again soon.

  4. 29:00 he is wrong. the upload is less than the download because that is the way the bandwidth was split up. most people download more than upload so this makes it more practical.

  5. excelent point on Arab Spring, only nuance is the it wasnt only Twitter and Interner by itself. there was also a lot of manipulation, $$$ and pushing people towards specific actions
    That's probably why China is blocking everything – so nobody can fuck with them

  6. Brands don't always help. You may buy from a prestigious brand but they have botched releases and shitty products…just that because of the prestige you may forgive (not me) them.

  7. For someone that can't stand smart phones in the sense they reduce humanity's interactions with other human beings this is a badass podcast. Lewis looks like Justin Timberlake's doppelganger with a bigger head(wider face). I do like the easily accessible internet and information part of smartphones. No different from surfing the net at home but now you can manage anywhere in the world. The young kids texting each other while sitting next to each other is dumb as fuck. I miss land lines and door knocks. "Hi Mrs. X. Can Billy come out and play?" Those were the days.

  8. LOOOL they are so rippin you americans with those "T-mobile" and shit teleoperators… here in finland tech is much more expensive than in states…. even thought finland was inventing gsm and txt n shit… like iphone 6s cheapest version is 730 euros here and it means like 820 dollars… and here you get 150mega internet wireless to your phone and its limited data with limited texts and limited minutes to talk.. and its like 20 euros a month 😀 what it costs in states ?

  9. Here's the thing, about PED's. I was on board with Joe/Ronda's thought, that PED's would allow someone to do more damage than normal… but after listening to Carl Hart's talk, I kind of have my doubts about that idea. I agree that PED's will enhance your ability, but there is no standard as to what the levels of damage a person can give and take. Let's just take any arbitrary level of strength or punching power that we consider dangerous… you could have people that exceed that level easily WITHOUT PED's. We don't measure and regulate this. We allow people to fight regardless. We also don't have any way to really measure what sort of damage one person an safely take versus another. So .. .right now.. even in a totaly clean sport, you could have a situation where one guy is capable of punching another guy hard enough to kill him. That's a fact. The idea that we "care about the health" of the fighters is ridiculous. We are putting people in a cage to hurt each other. That's the goal. If you want to protect people, ban boxing/MMA/Kick boxing. Carl Hart is right…. the only way to handle this with some sort of logic, fairness, and freedom… is to better understand it, educate all the people involved to the facts… and allow adults to make their own decisions.

  10. 2:11:09 , that's one dumb fucking clown. Religitardism is on the increase in the US not in any of the civilised countries.
    Had to laugh at the google/China retardism. Google were thrown out of China for spying on behalf of the NSA.

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