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  1. People will choose other coins because they want to belong to other communities. Not because of some tech advantage. Crypto coins are religions.

  2. Jason: Its a good thing that you came to the show and chellenged the Tone' group with some tangible questions. As far as Bitcoin is concerned, we believe in btc, because its such an amazing story/experiment that has been lasting for 10 years. and its still the most trusted, decentralised, secure blockhain/protocol in the world. With privacy features that are going to be added to the BTC in the near future, it will become even stronger.

  3. After living with an attorney for several years, I know better than to argue with them. It doesn't matter if they are right or wrong. A lawyer could argue that the sky is pink, and they'll still win the argument. Notice how long the video dragged on? That's a big part of their strategy. They'll drag on the argument until you're mentally exhausted and then move in for the kill, right or wrong – it doesn't matter. Jason calls himself a Bitcoin maximalist; but since he decided to play devil's advocate on a BTC 10 yr anniversary show, he turned on attorney-mode and ripped into BTC for the better part of 2 hours just for the sake of winning. Even when the debate had it's multiple logical endings, he still kept on attorney-mode and purposefully stayed disagreeable for no other reason than to flaunt his superiority in the art of one-upmanship, with that smug look on his face. Congrats Jason – you proved that you're a lawyer. Something you obviously take great pride in.

  4. Sorry but no matter how much of a Bitcoiner I am the lawyer fucked on you guys. Other products are a money, are a technology – stupid counter arguments from very smart people. Jimmy sounded like Roger Ver – sorry Jimmy. Jimmy strawman attacked 3 times and accused the other dude of that 3 times when he didn't. People look at it however they like … lawyer wins. Scaling and apps that built upon the Bitcoin base layer are Bitcoin based products. Litecoin is a base layer and it can have other products and layers on it and Bitcoin can go offline (unexpectedly) and Litecoin works. The fee market can differ even though it is a clone – it is like redundancy. It is like communists saying "only one money allowed" into a capitalist society using such silly arguments. Obviously Bitcoin has advantages and is more decentralized, best devs, first mover advantage and none of that invalidates LTC – it doesn't even have a benevolent dictator. He is known, but putting the guy in jail who made litecoin because he is known wouldn't stop LTC? LTC can be used as barter, BTC can … lawyer wins. I've learned tons from Jimmy and others and he was staw man attacking, losing his shit, playing the I know more than you card. Like I've said before he makes bad arguments from time to time.

  5. Jason doesn't understand how code works. Just because it's not on github doesnt mean it's not constantly innovating. Developers who, as he put it, are jerking off at some backroom thinking of what ifs is still a sign of progress. You dont just code and expect it to be rolled off the next day. If it were fast as he hopes to be, it wouldnt be good solid software. He doesnt know how software dev works.

  6. There were two different conversations going on here. One assumes that a fiat and fiat like economy will still exist in a decade and the other assumes a whole new economy will be created revolved around Bitcoin. I tend to agree with Tone to a certain extent. The debate was really based on linear vs non-linear thinking. Either way Jason is a complete ass.

  7. What part of a trustless, permissionless, unconfiscatable, decentralized and thus censorship resistant network does Jason not understand? He is completely out of his damn mind acting like he knows anything about the space if he doesn't even understand those characteristics to be the technical innovations which ultimately define the development of Bitcoin.

  8. Jason is a moron… He doesn't understand how Bitcoin is analogous of TCP/IP in this regard, because it is a protocol. He is not a developer, and has no real technical comprehension of software coding. It is painful to watch him argue out of ignorance about things that he clearly doesn't understand. And not only is he ignorant about blockchain protocol, he is just as ignorant about economics apparently. I am not of the opinion that Bitcoin will be the only blockchain to survive in the future, but it is the only truly relevant blockchain that will survive in the future. About that there can be no doubt… And that is because Bitcoin is not only the first decentralized protocol ever implemented, but it is a actually something of multi-cultural phenomenon. Nothing like this has ever existed before Bitcoin.

    He really needs to shut up and let the people who know what they are talking about educate him, instead of talking back and maintaining his position out of sheer ignorance.

  9. bitcoin will never be the only coin. it will fork many more times in the future, splitting up into new chains with varying properties/parameters.

    in the past it was silly things like blocksize, in the future it could be serious stuff like max-supply. You will only ever have a "dominant" bitcoin chain, that's it. and the properties of that dominant chain can change.

    the forking mechanism alone guarantees that bitcoin will NEVER be the only coin, let that sink in, please.

    second, every other altcoin with a fundamentally different way of doing things has the chance to co-exist or even outplay bitcoin.

    because a radical different base layer architecture is something you can not just plug into bitcoin.

    bitcoins strong point is "store of value", end of story.

    also, and that is just my personal opinion: any "maximalist" position, in general, is just wrong thinking…

    and from a profit standpoint: wow you guys will miss out on a lot of future opportunities.

  10. all begun from simple analogy that interpret wrongly….. what an idiot.. especially a guy with the silly cowboy hat… maybe that why that guy wear cowboy hat indoor.

  11. Jason has a point here – there are new blockchains and they might have more options – speed, smart contracts, can be decentralised same as bitcoin etc. like he was comparing it to car – but none of those other guys did not get it as they are most likely not flexible and able to think – those are type of people who can't listen and think they are smartest but the truth is if you have even once thought that you are smart you are stupid 🙂 – I call people like that zombies – it's a technology at the end of the day and if someone will create some tech which will include all those features- like speed, smart contracts, easy to build integrate, networking nano monetary identification capabilities etc. and will make it also fully decentralised self governing with limited supply it could beat bitcoin in future. As just like Jason mentioned it is piece of software that is running independently – which is also litecoin even faster than bitcoin but unfortunately clone of bitcoin for now that's why it does not have such a power but as it is already close with some improvements it has some value – think about it – . – I would say that none of those other guys except Jason are technical & financially minded as only none technical person could think that bitcoin will not be beatable in future by some other tech innovation.

    Think of Car – Henry Ford supplied us with cars – let's say it's Bitcoin — > Then came in another car manufacturer and created car which is faster that's litecoin (but litecoin does not have same value as bitcoin just because it is faster but in general it's still a 'car' or 'clone of bitcoin – now keep thinking until you will get to Lambos and Teslas – these are tha same cars or same bitcoins only much more upgraded – > so which car would you like to have today 🙂 – Same applies to Bitcoin as all it is is – Blockchain which is distributed in it's network of nodes – nothing special and in 5 to 10 years there will be much more powerful such a blockchain networks with much more updated capabilities.

    Here another example if you know something about encryption algorithms – btc blockchain is using sha256 before there where older algorithms like md5 which now with todays tech can be decoded – soon with future technology there is probablility it will also be decodable – so as tech evolves machines get smarter – and main power in btc for now is this encryption – keyword here is – For now 🙂 As when Quantum Computing Technology will arrive BTC will be gone 🙂 – But I am still Bullish on crypto for now 🙂

  12. Hmm. I love BTC, but the debates from 41:00 and onward are cringeworthy on behalf of the so-called BTC maximalists.

    Seems like people very invested in BTC trying to protect their investment and cannot handle the idea of a portion of the market being shared with other coins.

    No way in hell will BTC be the lone, functioning star. There will always be options and options are good to have.

  13. Then again the same little stupid punks and their lawyers could not tell the different between Bitcoin and Litecoin are the ones whose argue the most…but there's no way to convince ignorance…" Stupidity is a talent for misconception " – Edgar Allan Poe.

  14. I love how these bitcoin maximalists are so blind to any other outcome other than only bitcoin surviving. These are irrational thoughts.

  15. D H

    @CryptoTrader Wow – you are one little f*cking douche bag genius – just like your ignorant lawyer…you're missing the point – consensus is decentralized and it is continuos improvement (backward and forward compatible – brilliant I must say)…His comparison between BTC and Ford model T had completely missing the point, as he accused BTC as a technology, which will never evolve… Ignorance is a terrible thing…

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