“Bitcoin To Hit $290,000 After Crashing To $2,800!” Vitalik Responds To Ethereum FUD

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  1. I strongly believe BTC and XRP will swell in no time even though i am an advocate for trading and not holding. I profit much quicker day trading and Duke Richards, a well seasoned trader and analyst has helped me with signals and advice which has made me realize over $58,000 in profit within a month. He is indeed a blessing to the crypto world.

  2. Hmm. Looks like the parabolic moves all happened just before Bitcoin Halves (every four years resetting inflation). The next halving is scheduled for May 2020.

  3. Your thumbnail made me want to get on here and see how dumb this video is going to be. I hate all these videos have people telling everybody that Bitcoin is a hop, skip away from being $1000000 a coin. This video was not what I thought it was, I enjoyed the commentary, the news was outstanding. I really like how you went about this.

  4. mate, you don't have to be confused by scrolling right to see the prices. The prices are literally there, right in front of you next to the fib levels. bit of focus πŸ™‚

  5. The elite plan to make it rise quickly, so fast by the time people catch on its already out of their financial grasp. The only way to prosper is to enter now.

  6. I seriously doubt Bitcoin will ever go past $10K, due to the proliferation of alt-coin. And, unless the Chinese government can manipulate a crypto-currency, there will be NO crypto-currency acceptance in China.

  7. DigiByte anticipated the scalability issues that would plague Bitcoin adoption, so DGB designed its blockchain to handle Visa/Mastercard levels of volume, all while keeping transactions on the blockchain. The problem with the Lightning Network is that it is an off-chain (meaning outside the blockchain) "solution". This is no solution at all, for if off-chain solutions are okay, we might as well stick with Visa/Mastercard because they're already digital and lightning quick. Also, LN risks centralization because it'll have centralized hubs. If you believe in the true spirit of crypto, you should reconsider the merits of Lightning Network. BTC is awesome, but I think it's going to act more as a very lucrative store of value (gold). When it comes to day-to-day cheap transactions, DigiByte will dominate.

    DigiByte is sooooo undervalued. People heavily invested in tokens (who don't even own their own blockchains) are missing out on DGB's decentralized high-speed UTXO blockchain. When people intend to wake up?

  8. Let me tell you why this guy is an idiot. There is market supply, and there is market demand. There are 17.5 million bitcoins in circulation, and there can only ever be 21 million in circulation. So people have this illusion of short supply, but there is a new Crypto being released every single day, so there will never be a shortage of supply. Even if there were, let us think about this rationally.

    20,000,000×300,000=6,000,000,000,000 6 trillion dollars.

    Where is there 6 trillion dollars worth of demand for Crypto?

    At the current peak of Crypto 17,000 there were about 14 million pieces in circulation at the time. Let us think about the ratio here. (Even with some leeway for the amount leveraged.)

    15,000×20,000,000=300,000,000,000 300 billion.

    Where are you going to get 20 fold demand from the PEAK demand cycle, during a phase of extreme market volatility, when the information surrounding Crypto was not publicly well known.

    People were afraid, so they bought what they thought was safe. But, now that people are starting to understand Crypto, they know it is NOT safe. It is just another soft Fico currency, like the USD.

    BTC will NEVER hit 290,000. There is far too much Crypto supply, and not nearly enough market demand. BTC isn’t even the best Crypto, just one of the most well-known.

  9. If it happens it will not take 4 years but 8 years maybe even 10 , it won't repeat exactly the same chart it will take twice as long to get there

  10. Do you mind telling us who the fuck is going to pay 290 K for 1 btc the billionaire are already rich why would they invest in btc my advice get a job while you are young and able to work

  11. Watchout for privacy coins Deep Onion will doninate deepsend deepvault first ever crypto coin to create a e commerce shopify plugin and more coming not only a privacy coin but also use case utility

  12. I think http beat out gopher for one main reason: it was far more flexible. Gopher enforced a rigid heirarchy for browsing its data, whereas html files can link to each other across documents and, indeed, across servers. Another huge thing was that html was… well, hypertext. Pictures and different fonts are nice.

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