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  1. As a hardcore Dark Souls and Demon Souls player I feel it’s almost blasphemy to say this but…Dark Souls 2 is my favorite game in the series. I think the main game is highly entertaining with some of the most memorable locations and weapon/spell variety and some of the series most epic boss fights. The story was also great, and had some emotional backbone with a hollowed out Vendrick and Giant memories you could play. The PVP and DLC’s are also widely regarded as the best in the series. I really think People love to hate this game cause Miyazaki’s Name wasn’t on it, but I thought it was great and certainly way better than Dark Souls 3.

  2. I finally beat Dark Souls and I'm on the last boss of Dark Souls 3. My question is should I play Dark Souls 2 Or Dark Souls 2 SOTFS or both. I guess Im asking if there are enough differences in the 2 versions to play both?

  3. The way you say "irrisitable" with that lisp and that sudden high pitch almost like it was orgasmic. I swear, people like you I thought only existed as a joke.

  4. I wouldn't say dark soul's 2 death penalty is a cons, as it wasn't for demon souls. It is to prevent a trial and error cycle that is way too ease to get in. It forces you to think before you act. As the trailer says "this is not about dying, it's about what you learn from death".

  5. Dark Souls has become my favourite video game series as an adult. I don't really play much else. I got about 100 hours across all 3 games + Bloodborne

  6. Completely destroyed DS1 and D3, 100% achievements and everything. Should I buy this game ? It got lot's of bad reviews and is according to a lot of people the worst out of the 3.

  7. Come play the RPG where no one does what they're suppose too :)! Yes talking to you havel set guy, who hide behind my pure mage…If only this wasn't all the time…Yes host, your warrior should still engage ennemies, while I stay behind you dealing damage NOT the contrary…

  8. … And once you get the ring of binding, the single con of death penalty is removed completely. Just beat it for the first time including all optional bosses. What an amazing game.

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