KILLER ROBOT HAS A SECRET OBSESSION WITH US! | Virtual Virtual Reality VR (Oculus Rift Gameplay)

Welcome to Virtual Virtual Reality – V-VR for short. Virtual Virtual Reality is a VR game that puts you in control of a human with many jobs to handle. It’s like Job …


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  1. Love you your one of the best YouTube rs you in my top 1 fav youtuber love your vids watch them every day and you make me latch every day ok ok bye see you in the next vid bye

  2. Ghosty:Hm… Souls… er… Guido….
    WaterGhostNils:Ghosty stop taking others souls… and does Guido have a soul?
    Ghosty:Maybe… I don't really know what Guido has… hm… how bout I take then Steve's…? 😀
    WaterGhostNils:*sight* Ghosty no…
    Ghosty: Ok I will do it ;P hm…. when would be the best time? Hm… I know! When Guido isn't looking ;D

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