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  1. Is anyone else starting to get worried about Bloodstained?
    "Was supposed to come out last year, but got delayed to 2019"
    Bloodstained was actually supposed to come out in 2017 but got delayed into 2018 and once again into 2019. Call me cautious but I'm beginning to get Mighty No. 9 vibes from this game. Kickstarter from legendary dev that wants to recreate his classic series but keeps getting delayed and uses an art style that doesn't really evoke the timeless sprite art the series is known for. I really hope I'm wrong but… god I hope Iga makes me eat my words.

  2. There does seem to be quite a bit coming this year. Really hoping Luigi's Mansion gets dark and gets a Teen rating. Fire Emblem doesnt look like what I wanted, I'd like way more RPG in it, like want depth with relationships.

    As for Pokemon, I feel I'll be let down, and wont be full 3D like a Tales of Berseria. As for Animal Crossing and NSMBU, I have greater doubts.

    I'm banking on Luigis Mansion, Baynoetta 3 and Metroid Prime all being awesome, dont care about scores. What I want most is upgraded Switch.

  3. I am a therapist in the UK and I work in a residential home for children who have had abusive and neglectful backgrounds… The switch has been a revelation in the house. I take it in every day. And this for me is the Nintendo difference… Just thought I'd share!
    Great show guys keep it up!

  4. …….. they pre recorded the show now(again) but make more mistakes than before, FE heroes for 3ds? asking if yoshi got co-op when was the main focus on the e3 …..
    the show is begin to be lazy not only outdated …

    they also talked about Town a gamefreak game , that look awesome , better than yo kai watch 4 (for me) and they used yokai watch for example of how they wish pokemon 2019 look like ……

  5. Gris is pronounced "gree" as it is the French word for the color grey. This was an odd choice in naming for English speaking audiences, given that "grey" is so thematic for the game, but oh well.

  6. Question Block question for next week: What current gen, AAA game (where a big part of its appeal are its visuals) WOULD you prefer to play on a Switch? (in response to comments about choosing to play Doom/Wolfenstein on the other consoles)

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