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  1. So u tell urself reviewer ..u never tested one Nokia device or never used new ones.. yet u start defaming a brand.. when u have not used something.. how come u can tell ur views.. that questions ur credibility

  2. Nokia walo ne apko sponsor nhi kiya hoga islie app nokia k bare mein aisa bol rhe ho
    Aur jaisa aap bol rhe hang hota hai update nhi ata hai nokia mein ….aap use krk delkhiye kitna dhasoo chalta hai phone update bhi baabar mil rha hai
    Par apko jo company sponsor kr rhe ain toh aap unk bare mein toh bolenge nhi ….@geekyranjit sir se aap sikhiye kuch

  3. Sir / bro you are outstanding
    Sir / bro what I call you
    I am totally speechless what I call you I don't no what I call
    Sir / bro you are always appreciated me as a your videos
    You are inspired me to new topic
    And new ideas about videos
    Can I salute you sir /bro

  4. Huawei के फ़ोन नही खरीदने चाहिये। भारत सरकार कभी भी ban कर सकती है।

  5. Amit bro siddhant here… i was excited about the giveaways. But did not win. My old asus phone is cracked. Was expecting to win one this time.
    But anyways not my luck. Your vidoes are all awesome. Too good….you are most genuine person i have come across

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