XRP On Coinbase Within Days? – Bitcoin Cash Is Centralized – Bitcoin “Society’s Best Hope”

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Binance Confirms Support for the January Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork

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  1. I am tired of hearing about the OTC transactions which will never register as a Volume in the market, thus never benefit XRP holders. If all the financial institutions decided to trade OTC then XRP holders will never see an increase in price. I would ,like to see the results of research, the results of real transactions that register not hear about how much the Financial Institutions are trading at our expense. We have already had enough of Banks screwing us little folk for the last 600 years. .

  2. Coinbase is not going to list XRP. Coinbase is not going to list XRP. Coinbase is not going to list XRP. No more Coinbase. No more Coinbase. No more Coinbase. Oooooom.

  3. Hi, what will happen if miners completely stop mining bitcoin cash? What will happen to the network, will it still be a usable crypto currency.?

  4. I thought the way it worked was that when coinbase announces a new coin, they open their system and make wallets that support xrp. Then, they announce they'll support "x" coin and allow people to deposit their XRP on their coinbase account, which establishes liquidity. I think a majority of these big movements are escrow accounts and things like that.

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