Bitcoin BTC January 4th Technical Analysis – Ascending Triangle? Or Breaking Down to $3.6K

Last week for my holiday special of $300 for both course 1 and course 2 (save $100 / 25%).
1) Send $300 in BTC to: 357j3P2CuybfWh13V4uig9TJDJdqiR8CMx
2) DM me a screen of your payment from your exchange account
3) I will then send a voucher.


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  1. Phil I have dm'd you 4 times on twitter I really want to take your course can you reply to me please. once I hear from you I will send my payment over so I can't start, thanks

  2. Hey Phil, could you give the second course for free to the ones who have already purchased the first one? If not for free at least charge us the difference between the price of the first one which is $230 usd and $300.. $70? Could it be? Let me know. Cheers

  3. Would your outlook change if we were being supported by the 200 weekly MA? Bc literally every other chart for BTCUSD from other exchanges shows the 200 as support not resistance

  4. oof bold call. Why not wait untill it actually breaks down? I don't have the balls like you to short into this support

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