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  1. Hmm, Debating on whether I should get this……. Im playing the living crap out of fire emblem warriors Now…………. Should I get This game……. Never played it on the Wii U………………… Lol I'm litterally on the E shop looking at pre-purchasing this game.

  2. Another shitty review from IGN. You have to play Hyrule Warriors for a lot longer than 25 hours to really get into it. He says he played the legend mode for 20 hours, then spent a few hours on the adventure map. Dude – that's practically the tutorial. No wonder he says it's too easy. There's plenty of stages that will challenge you, even at a high level. The amount of content is staggering, and this guy barely scratches the surface and thinks he can make a good review? eyeroll

  3. The reviewer complaining about graphics, while I play it on a 3DS…
    7 is more than enough, though.After all, it's just a reskin for a mindless Dynasty Warriors button masher

  4. Who is the loser at Nintendo who thought making Ganon a man with a red beard and renaming him Gannondorf the butt troll was a good idea? Leave him as a giant pig who is the king of thieves here already…sheesh.

  5. haven't played it but i do like the character model for link! I personally like to OOT and TP models, the other ones like wind waker and skyward sword just look too childish? too colorful? Zelda is supposed to be mostly bleak

  6. Something that characterizes Nintendo is that they are always trying new formulas to catch new gamers, this is a great entry for those Zelda fans who are interested in a Zelda action game (like Dynasty Warriors franchise). Despite the 3ds version is not as great as the Wii U version is, the 3ds version is really enjoyable.

  7. 7 is a fair score. I love Zelda but it can get really repetitive. Playing with a friend is really fun though. Using the gamepad for player one and the tv screen for player two was a great idea, I can't believe other Wii U games haven't used this functionality

  8. "It should be noted that rarely any enemies stood toe to toe with me for more than a few seconds, but that's the point." THANK YOU for realizing this point and accepting it. All other big reviewers are really stupid and criticize this. If mowing down little enemies isn't your thing, don't blame the dang game for it. Mowing enemies is the ENTIRE POINT!

  9. I am half-tempted to get this, but everytime I see the gameplay I just know I will not play this for long. gotta wait for the legit LoZ game….

  10. You didn't mention replay value, very little on adventure mode and nothing about skulltulas, the story line or really tell about the characters. I found the story line to be refreshing as you got to play the villain in some levels and the game has at least 50 hours of game play to complete it(The legend, free, adventure and challenge mode), without any DLC. The co-op was obviously going to suffer and I found the bosses difficult in the stages with many of them, which wasn't mentioned. I have around 100 hours, as not a huge fan of Zelda or Dynasty Warriors(you didn't mention this either), and I own all the DLC. I have around half of the game completed and I play co-op regularly and despite a few quirks, it's a really good tool. (Also weapon variety… There is alot you could've mentioned that made this game good, without even mentioning the beautiful graphics).

  11.  LOLOL! Its funny IGN shits all over dynasty warriors gundam 3 and other dynasty warriors games, then gives out 7's to this and dynasty warriors gundam reborn……THEYRE BASICALLY THE SAME GAME! so inconsistent with reviews the same things that get knocked for one game gets praised for another

  12. I would've preferred a legend of Zelda game based on its classic structure by that I mean ocarina of time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword just to name a few. Any one else with me?

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