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  1. Include in your video about the pixel 3 the crazy inconsistencies with the fingerprint scanner people like me have been having. Not the problem with not being able to use the swipe feature, but the issue with the fingerprint scanner not always recognizing your finger. As in, sometimes it will force you to unlock manually because of too many wrong attempts. Really annoying and no real fix other than replacing the phone. Got to be a software bug…

  2. am i the only one always either scouring my subbox for marques' videos or finding them straight up? there's obviously thousands of people watching the video the second you make it public

  3. Honestly man, I'm just waiting for your Roadster content :). I think i have all the tech I can buy for a while so when those videos drop, I'll be going HAM on the like buttons.

  4. You don't get a free roadster marques… this means you can buy one without having to put the money up front. Maybe some 20% off or so but I'm sure it's not free.

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