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  1. I have to say the immersion of the PlayStation VR is a little too immersive, I keep losing control of my body and zone out and almost fall, luckily with my sweet gamer skills and reflex's, I don't break my neck after I hit the back of my head from the wardrobe behind me. Cool okay, but what about the tracking, I have issues with the move controllers when you have them placed behind your back, it loses tracking for move. so I recommend Sony makes a small and compact accessory, that is placed behind the back of a person's body. (This is my cover of the Round 2 Tracking, and immersion) Thank you if you read this far and hopefully you leave a like to tell others about the PlayStation VR, not saying that it's bad or anything, it just doesn't have the tracking skills, upcoming or recent computer technology has, but like I said hope you enjoy this extremely long thing of a description, oh and BTW I am actually turning 12 this month, and yes my grammar when it comes to this is surprisingly "okay," anyways have a nice 2019!

  2. #2 just another game. I feel like psvr could have gotten that point as well as the vive. I love killing floor vr right now playing with my buddy online is fun as hell and im limited to space like u need for a vive. So i cant get a vive if i wanted one it would be like the psvr. Psvr is perfect for my small space. But i get it, you couldnt make a video where psvr gets 4 points out of 5 to keep video intresting haha. I was gonna be a bit upset if the rift got that last point lol. Sad it got none tho. oh well psvr ftw!

  3. Mojo, you are comparing vr between 2 different platform pc and ps4. Each platform has its own advantages. Quite a stupid comparison if you ask me.

  4. This video is sponsored by Playstation Sony. They picked the 5 things that playstation has the majority advantage and still forcefuly gave the number 5 reason to them even tho clearly it should be given to the VIVE!

  5. thank you so much. I was going to buy an Oculus until now when I learned that those are pieces of crap. I'm going to order a ps VR now.

  6. K I have a psvr. I tried the oculus, and it’s better. Waaay better. As much as I like psvr compared to the other ones it’s just bit less impressive. The psvr controllers is literally ping pong balls with sticks attached to them designed way before the psvr was even conceived.

  7. But what if u need to buy a ps4 so u can just play on the vr headset and to me the htc is better than the ps4 vr the htc is also more comfortable and the controllers are easier to hold

  8. This has to be updated.
    Look, I've had PSVR for a year. (The only reason why I got PSVR is because my gaming laptop at the time was not VR captible.)
    PSVR is a good product, but for me, Oculus looks like a better product, and I'm considering trading in PSVR for the Rift.

    Thing about this for a second, your getting more games on the rift, like think about it like this. PC is getting alot more VR games and experiences everyday, while PSVR only gets games and experiences that are blessed by Sony. (Sounds familiar dosen't it?)

    Not to mention that the PSVR ports in some cases are MORE EXPENSIVE then the PC (Vive and Rift) versions.
    Beat Saber
    PC – $19.99
    PS4 – $29.99

  9. Needs to be updated. The Oculus is FAR better now. Plus the price for the Oculus has gone down a little bit. Plus, now you can also link third party games to the Rift now too with a bit of setup. Keep in mind that includes Steam VR and any other game that you can download to your computer.

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