The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 40

Tel Aviv, Israel- Well this was a week of parties! Bitcoin turned 10 and we entered 2019. I will talk about the fun and much more. People were also celebrating an incredible space accomplishment! There is some quality space information on Youtube and I will shaee some links.Don”t accept a label for yourself! Maryland taxes. Sterile vs authentic. China in Africa. Why do some guys toss away money? NFL. Much more! The rich and socialism. Tine in at 4:45 EST!

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Fake Internet-
China Africa-
Maryland Taxes-
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  1. I don't think it's wrong to put blame on people, as long as you understand that assigning blame is a separate thing from fixing a problem. Important distinction!

    Blaming is simply recognizing that someone is the cause of a certain problem, due to a moral wrongdoing on their part. However, just recognizing this and calling it out won't get you anywhere with most problems in life. Only decent people and people close to you are likely to take your criticism to heart and right their wrong. But when in larger society, you should probably just fix the problem yourself by getting away from the troublemaker and don't expect them to change their ways. Don't be surprised when people who often do bad things, do bad things. Be it the government, thugs, scammers, bad boys, thots, whatever.

    A common example that makes the distinction clear is women getting raped at parties. Sure, everyone understands that the rapist is totally in the wrong and can be blamed for the crime. But, simply pointing out the obvious won't stop it from happening! If you propose the mere solution that girls should tone down getting all drunk with lots of random dudes, they will tell you that you're blaming the victim of the crime. Uhm, no, I know full well that the rapist is the only one morally wrong; all I'm doing is offering solutions for how to keep the problem from occuring.

    The fact that solutions so often get rejected and labeled as blame instead, underlines what you say about people seeking to be victims. They don't actually want to solve their problems, because then they can no longer be a victim in our victim culture.

    Another example of why the distinction between blaming and fixing is important, has to do with parental mistreatment. An adult child of abusive parents should certainly blame his parents for what they've done. It would be very unhealthy for him not to blame them, and instead put blame on himself for why his head is messed up. However, even if the blame rightfully belongs to the parents, it is still up to him to cut contact, go to therapy, or whatever in order to fix the problem.

    TL;DR: The moral exercise of assigning blame is called for when someone does bad stuff. But actually keeping the bad stuff from happening to you requires action on your part, even if you weren't the one causing the harm.

  2. Great video, as always. Been a loyal fan of yours since late 2015. Bitcoin has changed my life, and you have been a huge part of that, of course. I thumbs up all your videos and introduced a lot of my friends to your channel over the years. Please take what I am about to say as constructive criticism from someone who will be a loyal fan of yours for the rest of my life no matter what.

    I think you should consider removing Andy from your guest-list rotation. I just don’t feel that he brings positive educational value to your channel. This is nothing personal against Andy, as I do not know him and never met him. Furthermore, Andy is still obviously free to do whatever he wishes in the Bitcoin ecosystem, as is everybody else.

    Happy bitcoin birthday!!!

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