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  1. Keep in mind that there's only one guy working on the game.

    Also, there is grappling. Move your controller over the enemy's shoulder and press the grip buttons.

  2. So Dual Wielding is overpowered, then what are your thoughts on General Grievous? he could dual DUAL wield those damm swords.

  3. I think you should look up how to properly run in this game. I think you are supposed to be significantly faster – more in the vein of a fast IRL jogging speed. At least I've seen that in many other videos. It's possible it's a popular mod but I kind of doubt that.

  4. I have just figured out a revolutionary melee system… Most games Fail at good Melee combat with Vr because it is assumed that the players speed of swing translates to what the character can do… What if instead every weapon had a weight, drag, and other values depending on how the weapon was.
    Partial example of the dynamic I am going for can be discovered if you use a garden rake and try to swing agaisnt the Flat side versus in Line with the flat side…. More important part is Upon collision the weapon bounces off of whatever you hit. This will either Drift very far or not, which is dependent on how close your "Real" position is compared to the weapon.
    You'd be shown where your arm is with a ghostly outline and a glowing dot and attempt to move your arm directly to where the weapon drifts to recover it faster. The closer to the center your handpoint is to where the weapon is drifting the faster it then regains under your control for the next swing.

    You'd have to balance out this dynamic, but combined with other factors, Drag, Weight, ECT ect instead of trying to "simulate" how a weapon feels, get the player to act in place with how the weapon Seems to act. Making the player think of each strike and it have meaning/weight to it. Sure you having a fast arm will help in recovering ect, but ultimately all weapons will be Different.

  5. Would like to see a followup video of real dueling of 2 swords again vs shield and sword. Even with LARPING with AmtGuard, people like using 2 foam swords over a shield and sword for that off hand attack. It's such a googled item of why duel wielding wasn't common.

  6. Skallll, could you do a vid about the trident fighting in Aquamen, really want to hear you about the fighting and is it possible under water???

  7. 0:27 – "Just gonna, Do this" says skallagrim as he proceeds to stab her with his pointy lower dagger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    1:48 – "Look at where the dagger is, here it is. They can't deal with that" says skallagrim as he proceeds to stab her with his pointy lower dagger. I mean, who can?

  8. This is why in Skyrim I had heavy armor and dual axes. The axes do bleed damage too in that game which was OP if you dealt massive damage. Another thing was the 2X more damage on idle power attacks. Then with Elemental Fury shout, you were a God.

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