Bitcoin Breakout Imminent! Will Bitcoin Break Bullish Instead?

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In this video we continue to discuss the Bitcoin consolidation pattern, and imminent Bitcoin breakout. We’ll talk price targets, and trading.

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I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.

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  1. Whether you're right or wrong, I still appreciate you taking the time to do these videos. I only have a little bit of btc myself and i hope it drops to 1,000 then I will get more and hold until it hits 90,000 🙂 yeah maybe a dream but that's my dream, thanks again for the videos buddy.

  2. I will buy bitcoin and when it will be at 250 000 $ i was very rich ! Like … a lot of bitcoin owner ? But who will give all that money if the bitcoin will be at 250 000 $ ? They must begin to print money if they whant pay !!!

  3. Don't look at ATH's, look at yearly lows.
    That will tell you the growth in hodlers.
    2012 – $4
    2013 – $65
    2014 – $200
    2015 – $185
    2016 – $365
    2017 – $780
    2018 – $3200
    That tells you the growth in the people who won't sell at any price.

    And for comparison, looking at the yearly lows of
    2013 – $0.0029
    2014 – $0.0031
    2015 – $0.0042
    2016 – $0.0051
    2017 – $0.0054
    2018 – $0.2575

  4. I gave up trying to predict this market years ago, so I just go with the long term buy and hold method. For years now I just buy on payday and go on with my life. I like the sound money aspect of bitcoin and that's going to bring a lot of new money into btc over the next few years.

    The banksters are continuing to increase interest rates and that's going to trigger the next 2008 style recession. During that time banks and brokerages will go out of business. We'll see a lot of layoffs and unemployment and people will be forced to tap their IRA's just to keep groceries on the table. We're going to see people unable to pay their mortgages and they will start losing their houses. Banks and the feds who hold those mortgages will find their capitalization evaporating to the point where they are bankrupt. Then all the debts that those banks owe to other banks will evaporate, causing those other banks to suddenly discover that they have also fallen below their capitalization and then they go bankrupt too. And just like dominoes they will fall. This sort of thing happens every 7 to 10 years, just as it did in 2000 and 2008. And now the feds are raising rates again and triggering the next implosion. Right now I'd stay out of stocks and keep as little money as possible in banks. The disaster should bottom out in 2 to 3 years. During that time sound assets like gold, silver and Bitcoin will get pushed up while stocks and real estate will collapse.

    Last time around I bought silver going into the great recession, sold half my silver as it was coming down from it's peak of 48/oz and used my gains as a down payment on my house which I bought at the bottom of the market in early 2012. I paid 160k for it and now it's worth about 300k. I expect the same thing to happen again. When people start seeing their investments get obliterated when 3rd parties like MF Global steal their money then go bankrupt, they will once again want to put some of their money into assets that they can hold themselves, outside of the conventional financial system, something they can hold themselves without having a broker hold the asset for them. They will want sound money. Last time around that drove the price of metals up but this time I expect Bitcoin will be in the mix as well, since it's famous for it's limited supply. These new buyers will be suspicious of scamy BS like XRP and Bitconnect.

    Banks and wall street types will also want assets that don't depend on another institution to hold that asset for them. They know how almost all assets they own depend on other institutions staying healthy and alive. And when institutions start going bankrupt again that will cause them to want to load up on very solid, dependable assets that will continue to exist even during an economic catastrophe. That's why I still have a big ammo box full of silver and it's why I typically buy 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday. When the crypto market tanks, bitcoin takes the least damage, so I'm down less than 80% from the absolute tippy tippy top of the crypto bubble while most alts are down over 90%.

    Oh, and one more thing, I did liquidate enough bitcoins to payoff my house last year. That pushes my balance sheet to a favorable position. Income 4600, spending 1400, surplus usually over 3000 a month. I'm very conservative compared to most crypto guys. Give me a good solid asset with steady growth and high resistance to pull backs and I'll buy it. Bitcoin qualifies. XRP and other sht coins don't qualify.

  5. So jeb if breaks bullish, does that confirm bull market or are we still in long bear market trend? Whats your thoughts on longer trend at play at moment?

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