Proof we are in the Matrix (Hyper-deceived Mandela Effected Virtual Reality)

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  1. Stop complaining about music and the way this clip was put together i know its said as constructive but come on no need, the messages should have hit home more.If you really care about the messages been highlighted in the clip talk about what's in it and not how it's made.Mammy Bush was the scariest and most upsetting part of this clip for me everything about her is Dead very scary family indeed the Bush's.Well done in showing some closed minded people that we are all been fooled.
    Wake up and smell the Java folks.

  2. I don’t wanna sound like one of the religious people but i know the BIBle well and in the extensive research that i have done the past 12 years.

    Ive found that the devils demons are slowly but surely using us against are selves. Also he is trying to use GODS love against him in the final battle if there even is gonna be one. Cuz the battle seems to be more in the mind and involve the spiritual more than the physical worlds and the matrix is are minds and it comes down to what you believe. We can manifest reality in and with are minds just like how lucid dreams are so real and astral projection is a thing plus you add psychedelics to that stuff and technology now they can take total control with the use of radio frequency and electromagnetic i totally think the rfid chips connect humans to technology and the internet and entities from the spirit world or wherever i think can gain easy access this way. With the use of quantum computing technology. The Rabbit hole is deep i tell yuh very deep and even more disturbing and hard to know about .

  3. So many overplayed clips of news casters supposedly glitching when in reality most of them are just in a trance or having a nervous breakdown which most of us experience.

  4. Mandella Effect is nothing more than BIG CORPORATIONS Zionist controlled/owned who over several years changed something small in their name or logo or whatever to make people think they are going crazy. So when you see the hologram of jesus or aliens….you will believe. Don't fall for it. (IMOP)

  5. Holy ghost … do not accept this spirit inside of you… that is when you will become possessed… al roker… did a Get Out move… or a warning at that moment… all you need is your soul.. when you accept something outside of the soul into the body you give it permission to have control… I know this because I once opened my heart to this ghost or parasite… I had rid myself of it because something inside of me told me to wake up… the soul..

  6. Well I've been researching,meditating and fight what this is… they open a portal that let a whole lot of these things in.. they have high jack the human hive mind through possession… as a collective they are AI or some form of AI.. but being connected to the human collective I use om and it hurts them 432hz.. the frequency of pure healing energy.. they can not withstand its power.. its simple to use.. and effects them greatly.. I've been keeping up with cern… in my eyes all of those workers are hostages to inter dimensional beings that have crossed over.. they need the human in a negative state… out of the heart and into the mind… but we are supposed to come from the heart and the mind is only a tool…I still have questions…if any one can help me fill in some gaps I am open to ideas… and great video

  7. The involvement of NBA players who can get into people's homes very easily shows that NASA and the company lose control of truth / lies. Here we see that sport is not just a form of entertainment, which is ok but it is also a form of control, manipulation when needed.

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