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  1. If they keep the comic book art style for each episode throughout the series sure and how would they follow each of the different Spider-Man or just Miles Morales I wouldn't mind TV show just as long as it's done right

  2. DO IT DO IT!! We don’t want Marvel’s Spider-Man TV show, we don’t want Ultimate Spider-Man, WE WANT THIS!!! (Or Spectacular Spider-Man please, that’d be nice)

  3. Please don't unless it's a new Spectacular Spiderman season…. Good animated movies have had a habit of being made into mediocre cartoon series…. Then again Netflix and DreamWorks did most of those…. Then again Sony did make that Hotel Tranaivanya series… I don't know, just don't screw this up

  4. Sony has one success and feels the sudden urge to attempt to drag it through the sand. I’m both excited and worried about how they’ll handle this

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