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  1. Wait hold on ign displayed pictures about the report… does this mean ign will finally start showing images of sources and pictures about the topic?

  2. When will they learn? Id love to know why these companies think mobile is such a good idea. Id be really pissed if a mobile game was the direct sequel to isolation.

  3. People might be happy if there was a console and pc game coming and a mobile game on the side to accompany it like when fallout 4 came out with fallout shelter. It was a nice little thing to get excited right before fallout 4 released (at the time when people were excited for it)

  4. I don't hate mobile games but they're there for an audience and putting an Alien title for a mobile game does sour the taste for die hard fans

  5. Well it is a fact that most people on the internet are closed minded and won't stray outside of their comfort zone, so the negative reaction was easy to see.

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