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  1. So they’re like human experiments or something close to that, who are trying to escape from wherever they’re being held? And here I am thinking that they made Peter Pan into an anime.

  2. For some reason when I saw the thumbnail I thought this would be a comedy and their faces were supposed to be comedic overreactions to something…

  3. While I cant say if the anime will be faithful to the manga (most animes arent, and cut out some of the best moments) but if it is, go into this blind, not knowing what to expect.
    Its kind of a watered down death note for the 1st half, and the 2nd half feels like a different genre.
    But the 1st half is engaging enough to keep you hooked.

  4. …This spoils the entire suspenseful build-up of the first episode. We already know the premise from this one trailer, its quite obvious now.

    Admitted, there would be no other way to make a trailer about this anime that wouldn't spoil anything, but still…

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