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  1. ahh, another android phone. better tech than iphone? dont think so. iphone is 2 years ahead pf every phone company. faster? no but atleast its cheaper and its a great device for cooking or setting houses on fire. who needs 6gigs of ram? oh wait, its android which is slower, uses more battery and uses more ram, unlike ios, the best software.

  2. I think Samsung gets what Apple doesn’t. People aren’t buying Apple’s cheaper phones because by paying 1/8th more they get significantly better specs. $750 is a lot of money and if you’re willing to pay that much, might as well go all in and dish out an extra $200 to get better bang-for-your-buck. Samsung, meanwhile, is putting their best battery on their cheapest phone. Customers have actual incentive to buy this thing OVER the expensive models. They know what they’re doing.

  3. Samsung has a reputation that gives it the licence to be a little bit pricey , so if they can manufacture a low price phone that holds their name and reputation I think Xiaomi will have a tough time thinking what they can do to keep their heads up.Their is a big chance for Samsung to catch up and make a place in the mid and low range war.

  4. i like this style of video´s, but the audience still wants a unbox experience, maybe a cheap tech every end of the viceo unboxing

  5. This is such a fucking weird video format.
    Why are you telling each other this information like you don't both already know it?
    While the camera zooms in on the other person, as if waiting for them to react to the knowledge they already know?

  6. You know 150$ for 3gb and 32gb of storage and possibly an SD expansion option. I think I'm buying it. And if samsung does optimization on ram management on their new one UI I think it is going to be a very good deal. Maybe not for the western market but for Asia and some parts of Europe it is a good deal

  7. sorry, i supported samsung because of it´s infinity display and hate against the notch, doing the weird camera point in screen thing just replaces the notch to somewhere i don´t like it, i think xiaomi is the next brand that will be my next phone with like a snapdragon 660 and not a exynos 7870, it´s good compromise for the notch.

  8. Samsung won’t be gaining any momentum over the market leaders like Xiaomi , Realme though motorola & nokia have tried but they have slower sales , unless they start providing the specifications equivalent to the competition like Snapdragon SoCs . Samsung has tried again and again with products like the On series & J series but they will be having tough luck

  9. Yo there is a phone called Asus Zenfone max pro m2 which also has a 5000mah battery with snapdragon 660 processor with the gorilla glass 6 only for the price of Rs15000 approximately $220, This device comes in 3 variant on the basis of RAM (3,4,6), If Samsung comes out with a phone with specs mentioned in this video it is going to be tough for them to compete, because there are other phones in the market like Nokia 6.1, realme 2 pro, Redmi note 6 pro, honor 8x, etc. These phones already have the best spec that they can have for the price range, So it is going to be interesting to see if Samsung manages to make a smartphone Better then the already existing ones

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