(10 a.m. CST live stream 1/7/2019) Bitcoin heads up but where’s the volume?

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For those who are new to this channel, understand that I am not here to give you doom and gloom. You can get that elsewhere. The herd is great at following trends but awful at noticing reversals. I do what I can to provide real reasons why a reversal might happen at one point or another as price moves. This way traders have as much information as possible about the current price action.
Rule 1: Protect your capital.
Rule 2: Increase your capital.
There are no guarantees in trading, only possibilities, so never trade without confirmations. Never trade solely on your opinions (or my opinions for that matter). I’m not here to give you buy and sell signals; I’m here to help you understand how and why price moves like it does. Get your emotions out of trading and ignore the FUD and FOMO.

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20+ years experience trading (stocks, options, FOREX, crypto)

BIS – Finance/Economics/Philosophy
MS – Applied Psychology (Applied Economic Psychology)
MS – Homeland Security (Governmental Decision making)
JD – Corporate, Tax, and Emerging Technology Law

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