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  1. Chris, can you look at GMB project? They have 2 coins and one is a stablecoin, similar to the idea that you talk about all the time with these coins having a fiat pegged payment system

  2. So it’s been a little while bitcoin has hovered around 4K now and I’ve heard Russia is gunna dump billions into crypto what do u think is gunna happen moving forward?

  3. You said it twice in this video, crypto and cell/mobile phones are the future. So why aren’t more people talking about Electroneum (ETN)? It’s designed from the ground up for use with mobile phones and they have all ready achieved so much!

  4. It is funny how Weiss includes LTC and gets a ton of grief…had they merely said BCH and Bitcoin SV and no one would have said anything. Which means it is not constructive criticism of Weiss just fan boy stuff. LTC is just a coin used for payments taken from the BTC code. I do not think it will die because it has too many fan boys in its community, and it has it's place. Weiss does not factor this…they should. For instance, DigiByte blows LTC away by almost any metric you can use, and it has its own blockchain as well, and is hack proof and can double as a privacy coin.

    BTW, Weiss has been rating stocks and insurance companies for a long time. They just use the metrics and do not get caught up in the tribalism or fan boy stuff. Yes they have been behind the curve but they know their stuff now for the most part. They trashed TRX too at one time I believe and that coin keeps mooning when things are down. Feel free to do the exact opposite.

  5. Hey Chris – review ETHOS, it is so much more efficient than the ledger. It gives you your own private key. It’s a great wallet

  6. You now only bitcoin hahaha ?????? nano x is for ol crypto men wat the fuck is Bitcoin go whit the Technologies the Technologies go furder as butcoin you live in hystory men

  7. You shouldn't be promoting those fucking garbage hardware wallets for people to store bitcoin. The only way to safely secure Bitcoin is to run a bitcoin core full node with armory, and the glacier protocol. Anything less to store your bitcoin on is begging to be stolen and well deserves to be.

  8. Cmon Chris Nano S still on sale? was it ever on Sale being as Nano were bringing out the Nano X anyways? So of course they would have to drop the price of Nano S! Be responsible be accountable in the Crypto Space please 2018 a lot of the Youtubers were Scum! shilling projects that they knew were scams for money throwing their viewers under the bus like Crypto Zombie and Zebi, so I'm not saying you did any of that but clearly LEDGER dropped the price for this reason?

  9. When I heard the news about the 51% attack on ETC it reminded me of why I'm holding Digibytes. It's the most secure UTXO blockchain in the world with Multi-Algo mining and DigiShield protection that prevents double-spends. I find it ironic that one of the lead developers of ETC had recently quit the team and now you have this attack. Did they have some inside information about vulnerabilities and exploited it? Do your research out there people and understand what the risks are. Digi Shield was implemented by a number of other blockchains and to date they have been protected.

  10. Exquisite video once again Chris !!! Coinflex looks likely to be huge for crypto. It'll most likely be up & running before BAKKT at this rate. 51% attacks are a problem. My 2 biggest bags are ELA & ICX. ELA should be immune because of the merged mining with BTC, but I guess ICX could be vulnerable. Cheers ….

  11. Ethergoo isn't "moving" to tron, Chris. It's just the same game on tron. That game is basically over on Eth platform It was meant to end around this year anyways and the pot is so low it doesn't really pay out much. He is working on the worldwargoo on eth and I might come to tron too when he is done. The dev is a super nice guy and works really hard. I know he will keep the game fun and competive for the tron community.

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